Your Digitone setup


loving my new digitone/09 combo! currently building a project for a gig under a new pseudonymn.


For some reason, the digitone has me making melodic stuff again… guess the extra polyphony helps :ecstatic:

Been pondering whether to add a teebee or a SE-02 to the mix, but so far I am getting enough mileage out of the two already.

It’s also becoming very clear to me that the digitone would seriously benefit from some performance macros…!



Do like it when I see other people doing this. Makes me think I’m less crazy.




Where’s the Digitone?

EDIT: Now, I see it :open_mouth:


No place anywhere… I waiting my purchase from IKEA !


blofeld -> mm -> dn -> a4 -> octa
md -> ar -> octa


should maybe get me a mixer somehow. but i’m running out of space.


Get a Mackie 1202 or 1402. They are tiny and it will make your life much easier :slight_smile:
Chaining all the audio isn’t the best way as you loose some audio quality. :slight_smile:


A4mkii, ARmkii, DN, Modular, Behringer x32 Producer, Push 2 and Ableton.



Made a few small changes:


The sprawling spaghetti monster…


Nice mixer, is that the MTK model?
I have the non MTK, was’nt sure on the D/A


I’ve since switch the mixer out for the Zoom Livetrak L12 as it has a great record function. Update pic:


Folks this thread makes me want to set up the studio AGAIN.

Is there a job where you just set up new studio rigs every day?


OTO BOUM is awsome is AH contender


Digitone to Inputs 1+2 on audio interface. That’s all I’ve had hooked up for the last month or so.
I’m stuck inside this machine and don’t want to come out.


Beautiful set-up!


My Digitakt is still out of the room, but this still qualifies as a Digitone setup. :smiley: Here’s what it looks like right now.


Digitone acts as midi hub in combination with a Midi Solutions Quadra Thru, sending midi out data to my Machinedrum, Reface CS, Access Virus C, and Novation BS II. Reface CS goes through the Digitone’s inputs to take advantage of the DN reverb, overdrive, etc…
Also have a Alesis Quadraverb as a send on my mixer, so I can have the DN get some nice grainy, old school digital verb on it.