Your digitakt setup

I think 5s are a pretty good size for the average room. As in, not professionally treated. Its easy to want a little bit more, harder to tame it

DT + OTMKII + Lyra 8 + Zoia


enjoying digitakt with vcv rack and some nice ableton fxx and no other distractions


What’s in the bag?

one bialy and one everything bagel


Wow, no other distractions? OCD is killing me! :smile:


Does anyone know how far the Digitakt/Digitone plastic covers (part# PL-2S) hang over the edge? I’m wanting to mount these on the Ultimate Support MDS-100 stand and would like them to be as close as possible to each other while still allowing for the covers. PS, covers are on the way but won’t be here until next week.

I do not think two digi units will fit on a single tier of the mds-100 without removing the outer bracket

Yeah, the brackets are removed. Going to add washers and screws to the rear to lock the units down. I’ll keep the brackets on the upper stand for my effects pedals.

5mm space between the boxes with the covers on


Perfect! Thank you!!!

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I also had a tr8 first and I gotta say my love for the tr8 has gone way up since pairing it/sequencing it with the Digitakt.

I use the Digitakt to sequence a tr8 (tracks 9-12), minibrute (tracks 13-14), and minilogue (tracks 15-16). I then run the minibrute and minilogue audio through various effects and into the Digitakt, stereo out from Digitakt to stereo in on tr8. I can then monitor the whole mix through the headphone out on tr8 and run stereo out of the tr8 into my audio interface


My OB beta testing rig…
DT controls the SUB 37 through midi and
A4 controls the sub phatty via CV.
After i have finished recording some stuff ive been working on im planing on moving just my DFAM, virus, blofeld and jv1080 into this set up and selling 10 smaller now unused synths. Volcas and brutes etc. Then get in a DN to replace the volca fm and tx81z…what is here is already enough power.


again update my studio :slight_smile:

  • Deluge as a brain
  • Mother32
  • Digitakt
  • Minilogue
  • BigSky
  • TimeLine
  • iConnectivity MIDI4+
  • Xenyx1622
  • LSR 305


Digitakt midi out A Minibrute
Digitakt midi out B 24 dinsync to BeatStep pro - beatstep pro midi out volca beats
BeatStep pro in from AKAI MPK25
Digitakt midi In from JX305 :musical_keyboard:
BeatStep pro cv’s out to modular eurorack
Audio BOSS KM60 to a pair of Wilson Audio WAMM Master Chronosonic’s :clown_face:

My live rig most recently has been a Digitone, a Circuit Mono Station and an Arturia Keystep.

I just added a Digitakt to my setup, so that is now part of my live rig going forward.

I have other devices like an MPC Live and Novation Circuit, but they’re in boxes at the moment because I’ve been getting away from samples and getting back to synth-based music.

So now that I’ve done that “reset” for a couple months, I’m in a good space musically to bring a drum-machine/sampler back into the mix. But over the past couple of months, I fell in love with the Digitone way of doing things and so I decided to mate the Digitone with its sibling. With the Elektron workflow, as I mess around with the Digitakt, I’m already feeling MUCH more inspired than with my MPC.

With a core rig containing 8 tracks of samples/drums (+ MIDI), 4 tracks/8 voices of FM synthesis (+ MIDI) and a paraphonic all-analog synth/sequencer. I have a LOT of music making options with killer workflows on just 3 devices + keys.

BTW, the Circuit Mono Station was my gateway drug to the Digitone because I liked the Mono Station’s patch and parameter locks and great sound, but I wanted more of it. The Digitone was the best price/performance solution for that “more” and shortly thereafter I was a convert.

Digitakt is, so far, crushing it for me and sounds GREAT on its own or with the other two devices.

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Well, just had a sale on Reverb of my MPC Live, so that’s gone as of tomorrow.

No worries, since I have this sweet little live setup right here:


Glad you turned to the DT side


Octa mk1

hey, captain! how do you play/record main outs to ableton? mixer collects all instruments/mics and goes to dt inputs. dt monitors its inputs and goes to ableton via usb (overbridge) where all tracks are being recorded. am i right? are there any latency issues?