Your digitakt setup


Current set up, nothing special but producing results. Volcas are just food for the digi right now. Head phone out of the digi is going into the kp1, that way I get a dry and wet signal, sort of.


I love it. Nice and simple.


A couple of people were interested in a video. I uploaded several the last couple of weeks :slight_smile: latest can be found here:

I performed last Thursday with this setup. The recording will be online sometime next week I hope. Cheers!

(this topic is bad for GAS btw, very pretty setups)


Thank you :grinning:



a little late to the party, had my doubts but so far really liking the digitakt and OT combo.

Upgraded buttons and encoders feel great, but also a little alien to me after getting used to 5 elektron machines that felt a lot more similar to each other.

i use my apollo mixer to cue signals to the digitakt for sampling, and process the digitakt output through the OT.


This is my little spaceship in my travel trailer. Only thing you can’t see is my iPad, cuz I used it to take the picture. I have been using the usb out on the Minilogue to control Zeeon on the iPad and then routing the audio out into the audio in on the Minilogue, giving me a digital voice with an analogue filter, and adding another oscillator or three to the Minilogue’s limited sound palette.


Octatrack lookin’ all warped… did you leave it in the car?


Yeah, she´s my midi hub. I´m thinking about changing to a yorkshire though. I heard they are supposed to be more reliable.


834… Legendary Pink Dots fan, eh?


The “Fortress of Solitude” mkiii is starting to come together. We’ve been in our new place for nearly a year and a half, but I’m just now getting the time to start setting things up properly. Quality studio monitors are on the list, but I don’t want to skimp so I’m going to make do for a while.


Minus all the cables and effect units! Never looked so tidy!


Watched the entire vid. Applause


Do you like the nord lead? I’m looking for a good polysynth w/ effects and a keyboard. Saw one in my area for $600, worth it? It is a 2x


I don’t have one but I thought the 2X didn’t have effects.


I combine mine with some analog gear: Rhodes or a Wurlitzer (depends, if I have to carry my stuff alone :wink: ) the MF 104 always and synced to the DT, one analogue synth, currently the ARP and some guitar pedals, really would like to have the Heat. Then a tr 606 or I am thinking of a tempest or analog rytm mk2…?


I think you are right thanks for the heads up


Aksdnt, I love my Lead A1.
Though, I got it purely for the fact that I needed a decent non-analog synth, it’s a very decent sound compared to every Moog I’ve owned.
At the time I was after those quirky 80’s sounds like “The Julie Ruin” had on their album Run Fast; and it delivers. (TJR used a MicroKorg XL)
The keybed is not that spectacular, but does the job fine.
The modulating effects are thin but adequate, not as good as the equivalent stomp boxes by MXR. The Delay is decent enough, and the Reverb is quite good.
No menu diving, awesome. But the pot layout is a bit odd, not a strictly left-to-right layout. Kind of like they tried to economise the space on the circuit board.
Sorry, but I dont know about the 2x, but here’s Nords comparison chart


Thanks for the info! :grin:



Nice I used to do similar sketches at work - all day sometimes!