Your digitakt setup


What film camera are you shooting with?


Yashica T4.

Had a Nikon F100 but sold it.


I just rearranged my studio and found a nifty cart at the local Goodwill for the Digitakt and some of its friends.


DT and Blofeld (x8 drum samples and x8 synth parts for multi-timbral fun)


Hi guys, I am totally not reading through 369 posts here… sorry …

so :

I got the AR and the A4 … finally again wired up all nice and (un)tidy … side chain compression with 2 compressors in place, a mixer bla bla bla …

where do I fit the DT now?

any thoughts please?

I d like to sample both the AR and the A4 here and there … just saying…

cheers peeps!


I have an aux out of my K-mix going into the “in” of the Digitakt so I can sample any of the channels at any time. It’s extremely fast and efficient. It should work with any mixer really.


hi there…

i also have a mixer … AH Zed 10 … but I must say I dont like the idea of aux sends etc…

So I took a mono cable form the headphone out of the AR and the A4 and plugged it into the DT …

sampling will be mono - ized anyways, and that way I get around the aux send nuissance.

cheers mate

: )


I’m doing the same thing with my Soundcraft mixer, works great to sample anything quickly.

Also got Digitakt going thru the SP-404 which is great as I can sample into that, resample with nice 404 effects, sequence those loops from DT and run vinyl sim compressor over the whole mix :smiley:


my mixer has a 2 track output meant for sending the signal to an external recorder, i send that to the digitakt. anything that goes into the mixer can then be recorded by the digi. does your mixer have this?


That SP-404 setup sounds awesome.


all you need is a mono (or TRS) cable, aux send (to the Digitakt) - you can sample any signal from your mixer, easy peasy. How is it a nuisance?


There is a monitor out iirc … hmmm… cheers



It’s a nuisance because I hate the pre fader post faster … mix bus buttons etc …

I know i know i am the problem not the gear

: )


You can do it trabant! Those annoying things are worth knowing


Mackie 1202VLZ4 + Digitakt (ALT 3/4 outputs) + SP-303 (Control Room outputs). It’s my dream team + whatever synth or other audio source I want to gain stage and send to either sampler.


I have the Digitakt and Mackie, maybe I should look into a 303. :heart_eyes:


Didn’t see a general Digitakt thread anymore, so just wanted to post that I received mine today and I am absolutely digging it. Having OT and AR experience (which I’ve sold in light of potential Mk II purchases), I jumped right in and feel like I know it inside and out in about 5 minutes.

The screen and buttons are great, and I underestimated how awesome the backlit nature of the unit is. It’s such a great design choice, and they are BRIGHT. It also makes me wish the Mk II series had this black color, for that backlighting to pop off of - it’s such a sexy combination and I’m not a huge fan of the new greys.

There’s many rather puzzling limitations like only LP/HP on the filter, but it definitely has a good niche.

I think it would’ve been even more well received if it had 16 sounds on the 16 pads (and I guess 16 midi tracks instead of 8?) That would be very powerful, actually.

I was worried about bad trigs and such in the build - my only issue is the volume knob is kind of wonky feeling, but considering i usually won’t change that on the unit itself, it doesn’t really matter.

Now for that updated OS…


Waiting on OB like…




Is that a comment on my downsizing of gear? :smiley: