Your digitakt setup




Sta-Level and Bricasti… just lovely.



Smallish modular and Digitakt is such a perfect setup. How do you like the Orthogonal Devices modules ? They seem insanely powerful ! Digitakt has quenched my gas for these for the time being but I know it’s going to come back :slight_smile:


The 301 is bonkers but still very much in development.

The 101-102 sequencer makes me very happy indeed, I probably only use 20% of what it can do but that is still insanely powerful and fun.


Digitakt + Moog Minitaur & Keyboard + Pog & Boss Hyperfuzz pedals.

My dream rig would be DT, Minitaur, a Novation Bass Station II, an Arturia Keystep and an Analog Heat.


Digitakt + RYTM + Maschine Jam (N.I softsynths and esp Reaktor 6) with RYTM acting as the audio interface. Very happy.




Machinedrum UW
TR 707
Korg DW6000
Volca Bass,
Volca Keys
Ipad ( running Arturia SEM + Odessey)

Zoom g3
Behringer Vintage Time Machine
Dark tale distortion

Al going into a crappy BOSS BX 16 .


I’m thinking about getting a second DT eventually as well!! That’d make a rock solid live setup like Onra who sort of DJs his 2x MPCs.
Seamless transitions and no worries about sample or ram limits


I see that most of you have effects pedals, how exactly are you using them with your DT?

My only synth (for now) is a 0-Coast. I ordered a Zoom CDR 70 but I’m wondering if it’s going to be any useful to me since I plan on sampling the 0-Coast into my DT and using it’s internal effects.


My pedals (Tape Delay & Reverb) are hooked up to the modular and/or OP1, not the Digitakt. It wouldn’t make much sense to slap too drastic an effect on the master out of the Digitakt… Maybe a touch of reverb but even then, a bit unnecessary given the quality of the on-board effects.


Tweak the effects parameters as you sample it into the DT!!! Will give you very different results than to put some effects on what you have sampled and chopped.

Why not sample with effects tweaks then chop rearrange nd use DT effects on that?


Yeah, I guess that makes sense :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s what I do as well. It’s great. Being able to mix 2 digitakts and mangle beats to create new ones within seconds as well is awesome :slight_smile:
Pic of my setup couple of posts upward :wink:


Haha I did see that picture man!! Very inspiring!! Thanks


I saw Onra play here in Tokyo several years ago. His MPC1000 had some technical issues, but still a great show.


Ah missed him in London, will make sure I won’t next time.


Not using the Pedals on my DT.

Sequence my synths with the DT, the pedals are connected to the FX sends on the mixer, then applied on the Synth channels.