Your digitakt setup


my kid uses mine, to pretend he makes beats… in combination with his ear warmers…
it is smacked all over the house
and still works perfectly


That machine is all you can expect from a midi controller, no fancy lights, not built like a tank but supernaturally solid and timeproof, no extra functions, completely customisable, comes with three mapping sheets, and doesnt cost much more than 50bucks,

amen man



I dig your digitakt videos by the way, keep it up man


I’m part of a group of people that runs a label and organizes small gigs. One of those friends organizes Symbiotic Sessions every couple of months, which is aimed at electronic live jams. There’s always a live sets in between the jams (like 1 hour jam, then a 1 hour live set). Last time I performed there with two friends (we perform under the name ‘Desynk’. The 21st will be my first solo live set :slight_smile:


Korg Gadget
mixer w/fx
buss comp


Thanks mate! More to come very soon.


The Nord A1 is just gorgeous isn’t it?
Nice little set up there, good luck with the DT…


It really is. I badly wanted the OB-6 but just couldn’t justify the expense and as you can see I only have room for one synth on the desktop. Can’t beat the versatility of the A1 with 4 parts and fx though. It’s no OB-6 but its a good second choice.


You tried activating all four slots and pressing randomise yet?



My very first Electron box :slight_smile: Now I’m officially allowed to post here
Modular done, I really think this time it’s a great cohesive instrument, which is perfectly completed my the Digitakt.


played last night using

I wasn’t on peak form, but it’s absolutely enough to make interesting music with alone (at least, if you like minimal electronic music).




You can always throw an entire orchestra on a track… :wink:


Your speakers are so far away from each other :open_mouth:


The wide angle of the iPhone gives the impression that my desk is huge when it is in fact, very small.


Haha fair enough


Casiotone MT-500
Marantz PMD-221 Tape Recorder
Adobe Audition running on MacBook Pro
Apogee ONE sound card

example 01


Originally I drive my eurorack with the Deluge but its in repair because of CV outputs that are unstable. I grabbed my Digitakt as stand in…



This is almost arousing.