Your digitakt setup


Thanks. Yeah I’m quite tall, and my chair is quite high as well, so it’s actually perfect for me, however I did have concerns that I’d get it up and end up cricking my neck.

That’s the micromonsta, with some DJ tech tools chroma caps, replacing the original ones. They are nice and squidgy!


hopefully just a temporary set up as space not ideal, i’ve no idea how people make their photo’s look so good this looks a right mess :rofl:


Just came in- this thing really IS exciting to use! Sounds excellent! And the form factor is absolutely adorable <3


My little studio :slight_smile: Saving $ for Heat and Yamaha speakers.


Here is mine, will sell the Minibrute and take a volca fm or a blofeld


Very cool setups!
Uploading an image from my mobile phone is impossible on this forum somehow. Will try to upload from laptop tomorrow. Fun topic :slight_smile:


The blofeld is the better option IMHO. The Arp itself is worth the entry fee.


Ordered mine over two months ago. It arrives tomorrow and will sit here.


This is my live setup (in this photo heat and the left digitakt aren’t connected hehe ;p). Will play my first gig with this setup the 21st of december in Utrecht (The Netherlands). Can’t wait :slight_smile:


If you get a chance, please record and share the live set :wink:


I’m going to record a video too this month. I’ll make sure to post it on the forum! And i’ll record the live set for sure! :slight_smile:


Great setup, I‘m looking forward to listen to your recording. How do you keep the content on the DTs in sync? Must be a PITA at the moment.


I’m not sure how he’s doing it but using the elektron sync between my monomachine and digitakt has made life so good. It doesn’t seem to suffer from the program change issue when synced with other elektron gear and patterns on the dt and mnm are staying in sync.


Thanks :slight_smile:

Actually, I only clock sync the digitakts. I don’t use program changes. It’s a bit too much to explain how I use the setup in text on a forum. I’ll make a video on that too sometime ok? (starting a video series soon, more info will follow :))

In short: I improvise a lot. I have about 32+ grooves all built within the digitakts (about 16 per digitakt, and counting) , and use a max of 3 patterns per track. 1 pattern is the basic groove, pattern 2 a break, pattern 3 if used is a (slight) variation on the first pattern. Other than that I use the functions on digitakt and the mixer to build breaks and variation.


That is my setup at the moment. I sold my JDXA and got an A1r. While the JDXA sounded great, I was drawn to the digital side more than the analogue side and the digital side involved a lot more menu diving. I am loving the A1r so far, sounds great and is so quick to get ideas up and running. I will post my first A1/Digitakt track up once I’ve finished it.


Tried to not buy a rack but i think i will have to


what is the silver/grey midi controller looking device to the left with the faders?



Nice! How did you score yourself a gig? :slight_smile:


oh yes! thanks