Your digitakt setup


I’ve had the UC44 for a year now, and used it extensively. It is really nice to perform with, and is extremely versatile in how you can configure and use it.

Programming it can be done entirely on the unit itself. It isn’t particularly hard, but it is what you might expect: lots of knob turning! There is a learn function. Because there are so many controls to configure (2 banks of 16 faders + 32 buttons, 32 banks of 8 knobs = 352 controls!), configuring a whole setup takes time.

Personally, I reverse engineered the sysex format, and then wrote a bunch of Python scripts that let me layout a setup in a text file - then run the code to generate a sysex dump file. Send that to the UC44 and I’m good. I find this easier, and I can easily rearrange things as I need.

I realize you aren’t using a DAW, but for those that are: The factory setups are pretty useful out of the box - just start mapping controls to your software. If you use Live, there is a special set up for the FaderFox supplied remote script. If you go that route, I wrote a new remote script from scratch, crunch/remote, that improves a number of things - (and can be easily configured for any MIDI controller).


Had the digitakt for about 2 months now. I bought it to replace my electribe mx as my master sequencer and it was the best buy i could do.
It is sequencing now most of my gear.


very cool karl, what may i ask is the yellow keyboard looking so modern and amazing?

after recently buying the Jomox bassdrum machine, and loving it, going to invest in the mBrane to go with and sequence the both from the Digitakt - and from there to a stereo input of OTmkII.

also a machinedrum and korg prophecy through a two track analogue mixer to the other stereo input of the OT.


Looks like it’s a yellow microbrute


My computer-less setup…questions welcome!


It is a microbrute, it is not my favourite color but it makes cool sounds so thats alright i guess


cool … i’m keen to invest in a matrixbrute although it isn’t in my favourite pricerange.


Hey cool setup! But not really computer-less, is that not an iPad lower left? Anyways looks sweet!
Is that an mpc to the far left? How do you work with both the mpc and DT? Curious since they serve somewhat overlapping functions, but not quite


Lotsa great photos in here! Personally I just wanted something that matched the colors of my (computer) keyboard and, the stand. Everything else went out the window and, I’m now only buying orange/black stuff. The Tetra above looks like a good candidate. I do have the orange/black Blofeld, but like most Blo’s the knobs were on life-support and I had to bury it…somewhere…


Mpc and Digitakt kind of just do what the other is weak at doing…e.g. MPC does kicks and snares and vox samples because it has individual outs and I want seperate processing for those things. Also I have digi midi out going to mpc in and MPC out to all the synths so I can sequence any synth with either MPC, Digitakt, or both. Function-wise the MPC allows recording in chords from the keyboard which if I’m not mistaken, is not possible on the Digitakt

And yeah yeah the iPad is a computer, fine :-P, it is running the x air mixer control software.


iPad or MacBook
Zoom H5


Hey Puck, how do you find troublemaker?


Just the DT, a Y-cable to connect my IPad and a pair of cans. This has replaced the OP-1 for me and I have yet to look back.


Digitakt and mpc! Nice!
How’s that combo working out for you?


Digi and 1K Combo is pretty limitless considering their footprint when it comes to sequencing one shot drums, short loops and midi synth patterns. Going to keep them around for awhile… :wink:


I recently picked up the DT to go with my MicroKorg and OP-1. Then… trouble. ebay Australia has an 18th birthday sale yesterday. 18% off for four hours.

I’ve been eyeing up an A4 Mk1 for a while as the price drop was pretty good. Take off another 18% and I now have a brand new shiny A4 mk1 on the way for AU$1147.

I am officially excited.


got a zoom l-12 to replace my mixer/four-track/cassette-deck setup

digitakt is the “brain” sending midi to the minilogue, poly-800, heat, and keystep (which arps and sequences the sh-09)

not entirely running smoothly (pseudo-aux sends/returns need to be sorted etc.) just yet but i think that’s my fault and will fix during the week


Had a bit of a change around yesterday

. Stuck the monitor on the wall, and finally decided to use those Ikea stands I bought three years ago…


Cozy! monitor looks like it’s placed a bit high for comfort though. What’s the one in the middle top with the rainbow color knobs?


Thanks. Yeah I’m quite tall, and my chair is quite high as well, so it’s actually perfect for me, however I did have concerns that I’d get it up and end up cricking my neck.

That’s the micromonsta, with some DJ tech tools chroma caps, replacing the original ones. They are nice and squidgy!