Your digitakt setup


open system to record anything from computer into digitakt - tapes/records/radio into digitakt – adding a mixer and an effects pedal that has eq/delays/verbs/filters . i use my digitakt as a studio tool to achieve the exact sound i want… the arturia thing i can live without but its there for now until i probably sell it in a day or so.


hmm, i think yours belongs also to the neat and tidy ones . hehe :wink:

interesting to see how many people record their sounds from the Computer into the DT.
I´ve not donne it yet as i didn´t worked with the computer in summer, but its MUCH planned.
( well, in fact not touched the DT either the last weeks )


I have it hooked to and from the computer so I can sample anything at will, mess with it and record back to the DAW.


Some of mine, the important part of it right now. I am really a guitar player :stuck_out_tongue:



How do you like the Beatstep in conjunction with the Digitakt? Do you find they complement each other? I want a Beatstep Pro badly, but not sure I would end up needing it with all the power the Digitakt offers…


Looks neat and tidy to me!


Share it, I do love to hear it!


New live set up with Digitakt and Pisound:

A little messy, and taken from the side, 'cause that’s how I roll…

Pisound (white box on the left) is doing:

  • USB MIDI routing so the faders on the UC44 can control the master volumes on the DT (wish we had the 1.01 behavior where loading a patch didn’t reset the master volumes…)
  • Ableton Link sync, so I’m in sync with my bandmates (and we can all control the tempo)
  • Beat sync’d gate & delay effects
  • Reverb & HP/LP sweeps
  • Mixing all of the above

Orange box w/light is a PBMIX3, battery powered mixer. The fader/knob box is a FaderFox UC44. The red thing with the hexagons is a du-touch S, a French instrument I’m still learning to play.


great setup - similar to mine


I haven’t used the Beatstep Pro with the Digitakt yet. I have been using it for 12 months for xox style sequencing of soft synths. I only got the Digitakt last week.

Thinking about it further the BS Pro does seem a little obsolete now the Digitakt has arrived but I will probably keep it around as it is pretty embedded into my workflow.


Love the Lava lamps…


so many beautifully made photographs, i’m completely inspired :slight_smile:


use the BSP with your digitakt! you can do lots of fun stuff that DT doesn’t do on its own.

(for example: you can throw retrig rolls in on the fly. and/or you can have a sweet BSP sequence going and then manually change the tracks on your DT and have your cool sequence playing any of the voices. fun for different timbres of the same sequence.)


I will certainly give it a go when I get chance.


How do you like Pisound? I’m searching in their documentation and forums for an answer…can Pisound act as MIDI host?


This is the type of stuff I’m interested in hearing about!




I’m loving Pisound! Mind you, you need to be unafraid of mucking in a Linux shell… (though they have a MODEP set up that is pretty turn-key). If a little tinkering with puredata or any or alsa or jack based tools is your thing, it really works.

YES! Any Raspberry Pi is a USB MIDI host right out of the box! The Pi 3 model has 4 USB A jacks, which is plenty. You can just plug in your controller and Digitakt via USB and use any of the available Linux tools for routing MIDI and it just works. Pisound adds two DIN MIDI jacks (1 in, 1 out) to the mix, and you can route freely between them and USB MIDI.

Pisound also adds some great scripts for running the Pi headless: The one button on the Pisound lets you do actions like launch a puredata patch, start WiFi hotspot, or cleanly shutdown the pi. These functions are easily scriptable to do what you want.


So much cleverness neatly expressed in one photo. The more I look, the more I smile.

I just got a Digitakt. I’m still figuring out its project/file structure and what makes sense as far as creating exemplar patterns that I can use as convenient starting points for the MIDI gear that I have. Thankfully, it’s not that deep.

How’s the FaderFox UC44 working out for you? Is it a pleasure to custom program? I don’t use a DAW. I’m looking for something to enhance the hands-on control of Nord Modular patches during times when I use a Micro Modular (vs. Nord Modular keys) in a performance setting.