Your digitakt setup


My new setup up with digitakt… Microgranny2, system 1m and the digitakt itself.

I like to keep my set up simple ish with 3 pieces of gear give or take. I use my other gear to pull samples from. Really really digging the simplicity and work flow. Plus now I can make claims to owning a green trinity :loopy:


what a nice clean minimal set up… i love it


Everything is nice and clean without cables… :wink:


it looks great - yes


My current gear list is:

Volca Keys
Analog Four
Analog Heat

Im still getting to know the DT when I’m not busy with work so I havnt had a chance to hook them all up together. I’m also looking for that perfect little mixer (that doesnt take up too much space) so I can mix everything into the Analog Heat. If it had a pre fader aux send to get into the DT id be thrilled. Would also reeeally love to throw an OT MK2 into the setup as well. I kick around the idea of an Organelle and/or some Dreadbox stuff… and then there’s that new Roland boutique 808 and SH01A… oh the GAS! Every time I think minimal I get the GAS and then I want to get more synths! It’s killing me!


Haha, I feel you!


That sounds like the ideal setup. I have not been successful with integrating my iPad. Do you mind sharing how you are using the iPad? How is it recieving midi clock and audio ? I’m using an icoonect4 midi ( found it real cheap) but couldn’t get it to get audio or midi.


Hey! I can say the iTrack is good to capture audio accurately but I don’t know what to say about midi sync to external gear because I don’t do it. I record sequences into it, field recordings into it, and synths into it, but maybe some else is using midi sync with other gear and doesn’t mind saying something about it


i often wonder how cool it would be to record the sounds the birds are making in response to the frequencies that escape from the studio window or door … it would make a cool ambient remix track version idea possibly

my ideal inputs for the Digitakt theoretically would be possibly a Jomox Alpha Base and a Deepmind … possibly an Arturia Matrixbrute to go with… and a field recording mic/unit … also, a vintage Roland vocoder.


Thank you for sharing your process.


My studio I built this year! Extra kmix outputs go to the digitakt so I can route any instruments or my compy for easy sampling. :sun_with_face:


Nice. The K-Mix looks like a handy buddy device for the Digitakt. Can you say a bit more about your experiences using them together?


Why would you need a Kenton host in addition to the iconnect box?


I don’t strictly (and probably won’t). Just for the sake of portability.


The kmix was a little confusing for about a week, just because it has so many options built in. as a basic mixer, I find it very direct and flexible. If I want to sample anyrhing going into the kmix I can, and I can separate it from the rest too.
I haven’t experimented too much with midi control of the digitakt via kmix. I tried controlling the mixing screen of the digitakt with the kmix faders, but each kmix midi map (you get 3) is transmitted over a unique midi channel. If I wanted it to work there would need to be a unique cc message for each volume control on the digitakt, but there isn’t. They are all 95 I think


i love the mix for routing options!! The outputs are definitely one of it strengths


I’m gonna add an analog heat after the new year. Gotta save up :sun_with_face:
It will be my other aux out!


I’m really pleased with this setup and looking forward to putting together some live jams with it.
I have the Digitakt connected to the Analog 4 and the Microkorg. Each instrument is going into an Allen & Heath Xone DB2. I have the record out from the mixer going to the audio inputs on the digitakt so I can quickly sample anything plugged into the mixer. Records, notes and chords played on the Microkorg or even sounds from the Analog 4. I’ve got the booth output going straight to my audio interface so I can record my patterns.
I really enjoy the MIDI tracks and have been using them to sequence the Microkorg but am currently using the sequencer on the Analog 4 for it’s sounds.
I can also run things through the mixer’s effects (Microkorg going through reverb is my current favourite) and it also has looping capability.
The plan is to prepare some patterns and then I will be able to loop pattern 1, switch to a new pattern and then mix it in to the loop to get nice smooth transitions. I could even mix into records and then back to my own patterns :slight_smile:
Think I will also sample some of the drum sounds from the Analog 4 to be able to use them in the Digitakt and free up tracks in the A4.
Really looking forward to seeing what I can create!


I agree! The sampling is so quick. I have record out from my mixer going to the Digitakt inputs so can sample anything connected to the mixer. Really looking forward to throwing various sounds into it and seeing what I come up with :slight_smile:


I found the reverb and delay on really short decay times to be super fun to use!