Your Digitakt-only "Productions" - do you have some?! ;-)


Excellent! DT only? These samples sound sooo dusty…


This is pretty damn good. Nice progression, and the low ends are juuuuuuuicy. What additional processing went on here?


Glad to see you stuck with the Digitakt.


That’s the beauty of it, DT only! The filthy pumping grime you can get for the compressor is very interesting. I’ve also managed to export/import sounds and patterns so I’m all set for making beats and organising livesets.
This machine is full of resources!!


Me too man, I’m just back from vacation where I had time to sit down and work down the list of things I wanted to understand about the DT to improve my workflow and have more fun with it. Which is what it’s all about!


Can you re-sample through the Compressor?


Still on 1.04 but from what I read, I’m pretty sure you can.

@Le_filou Still use your sp404? Or have you switched to DT only? I’ve bought an sp404sx to complement the DT weaknesses but I feel I’ve stopped tapping into the DT full potential as a result…


Not sure, haven’t tried but don’t see why not


I sold my 2x sp404sx and still not sure I bought 2 in the first place. But I always try to stick to 1 single machine for that reason to make sure to get the most out of it.
Right now I’m super happy with the DT and will prob ditch the OP for a while. Super exciting!


:pray: Mostly EQ and saturation on each channel and good bit of compression on 2 bus (2 x MJUC in this case)


Made with 3 DT samples and the others are from Modular Synth.


Hi Elektronauts.

Would like to share a little live jam with you.

Digitakt/electribe 2 to Zoom H5

electribe on the bass + some HH and the rest is digitakt.

Hope you enjoy.


Just made my first hip hop vibe beat on the Digitakt
I posted a video on YouTube check it out.
I used a zoom h1n to record


Digitakt jam record with Zoom H6
(cut down from 12min to 7min in Daw)


Great topic!
Here’s some digitakt only stuff - “double pattern” songmode, no external fx, just mastering


Hi all -

Bit of a lurker but I made this work in progress for an upcoming gig in London on Saturday. It’s the first thing I’ve done with the Digitakt, and completely improvised.

If you’re around, it’d be great to have some fellow digitakters there. Here’s the practice set:



ps = the gig is a Hundred Years Gallery in London:


something between a jam and some edition afterwards…


I forgot it was 3/03 day today, so made something weird and dark, based around downtuned kalimba loops.

Should’ve made acid.

Opportunity missed.


this time i share our new mix. feel free and dive into it.


Hi all,
I made something new, with the help of beatstep, a little edition and mastering in Ardour (using Calf plugins and Linux Studio Plugins Project).

I am open to critics :slight_smile: