Your Digitakt-only "Productions" - do you have some?! ;-)


here’s another one I forgot to share here… going dub techno this time :slight_smile:


This is impressive.


This is killa, getting some Earthbound vibes from some of the sounds.


thank you! I don’t know Earthbound but I’ll investigate!


one more… this time more ambient/drone


four part exploration of same eight samples
concentrating on play everything in reverse, (except drms!)…
Is 18min long…
Is my stbb submission this week.


Happy Weekend! Get a listen to the remix by Mathias Schober.




I’m trying to train my improvisational skills on the Digitakt sitting down every evening to record a little freestyle jam. Looking for happy accidents and not think about arrangements or sound design. Just setting up some sounds and see what comes up. So far it’s very refreshing for me as i sometimes tend to overthink stuff when i record music.
Of course i’m not always perfectly happy with the results of these freestyle sessions but there are parts that i wouldn’t have come up any other way.


windos intro and Hit sound are so cool


Digitakt in the belly of the Analog heat
Merry Christmas


ok, this is a little chaotic, but for me it was interesting to see how many different sounds I could get with different one-cycled waves and some LFOs and mutes. This is very experimental and if you don’t get to the end, I know why it is xD, give it a try.


A reimagining of a children’s song, thanks to my 4 yr old niece singing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” into my iPad one day :blush:

All Digi except for the lead melody line, where it’s sequencing a NYX.

Silly but one of the best things I’ve ever recorded thanks to its more simple and stripped down workflow.


I used Digitakt really prominently in my new single Crisis 2033 and the 07​:​15​:​14​:​05 OFFLINE split album I did with my friend.

Here’s a music video for the single track. It’s almost completely done with the Digitakt. The only things that aren’t are the sweeping synths, the electric piano at the chorus and the low buzzy synth at chorus (which is Sidstation!).

The rest of the single and the split album have similar deal, the backing tracks and a lot of the synths are from Digitakt with a few things from Roland D-05 and Sidstation put on top to fill out the tracks.

Here’s the Bandcamp page for the split album:

Even though I’ve incorporated a Digitone to my current setup, these tracks I think show you can make quite well rounded music even with the Digitakt alone.



Live Jam with digitakt + electribe 2 playing lead recorded to Fostex 280.


two little jams with same sample set
100% digitakt



Digitakt and Electribe 2 Jam recorded to Zoom H5

Electribe 2 playing bass and string. The rest is Digitakt


DT + bargain bin LPs for samples + a fair amount of pints + train burners video clip =


Nice idea with the midimixers