Your Digitakt-only "Productions" - do you have some?! ;-)


My first LP made only with digitakt



my stbb submission for this week
all Digi except vox sample played in break


Here’s a 4 track jam session I recorded yesterday. Enjoy!


@BillyTruant very nice.
You inspired me to record one of my songs i was working on lately
It is based on a guitarloop i made.


Wow!! That sounds so cool! Great job with the video editing, too. Thanks for sharing that.


Coming Through

Here’s a DT only song I made. I had some really good samples to work with.


crunchy track base around classic windows startup fanfare!


Whoa, that was awesome!


This one too! Very clever!


Some stuff i made the past year. Love the power the digitakt has, my favorite part must be the massive reverb when its on max.


my best digitakt song yet. great machine!


While testing overbridge 2.0


made for stbb this week
all digitakt, record with zoom h6


The grammar nut that I am wishes the title of this thread could be edited. I so want to change ‘some’ to ‘any’.


Latest output from the DT built around a nice clave factory sample. Drum samples courtesy of PO-12, bass sampled from Circuit. Tried to do a proper mixing and mastering in Live.


Thanks mate! This one was a lot of work though. Havent found the time to drive the Digitakt to such extremes again :slight_smile: But it was so nice to see that this little buddy holds its own and stays stable with all these P-Locks, Sample Locks, Microtimed-Patterns and what not.

In the end we can say: Wanna do a Filmscore? No problem, get the Digitakt. It can do everything! :smiley:


Trying to do Old School Hip Hop/Electro Funk stuff. My first track… I’m a total Newb… :sweat_smile:


here’s a new one I did… only Digitakt :slight_smile:


Made 4 tracks with DT then I got rid of it, we did not klick unfortunately.
Two of tracks was released on a label, the other two you will find a bit back here :slight_smile: