Your Digitakt-only "Productions" - do you have some?! ;-)


whipped up a fun jam the other day. Just digitakt sample tracks + midi track A to sequence and modulate the bassline (technically cheating, i know :stuck_out_tongue: )


this is really nice, some of the best digitakt tunes I’ve heard in this thread so far. congrats


Really nice Vibe man! I miss a String Sound or something like that in the Break Sections to further enhance the “flow” - but i know, 8 Tracks are not enough for this :smiley:

Overall a really nice tune mate! Very Well done!


really nice! I like this one more than your previous one


nice vibe. reminds me a bit of BOC’s Hi Scores EP


Technically 99% Digitakt… I only used Octatrack for the ambient track at the beginning, a a few filter scenes :nerd_face:


This is pretty awesome - I love the bass that comes in around the 3 min. mark.


thanks! new videos coming soon :slight_smile:


the chords are all scw confugured into chordal structures, dubbed to cassette and then resampled, extremely tedious and impossible to guarantee positive results :smiling_imp:


here is a new track with some visuals i made entirely on the Digitakt.

sampled some jazz vinyl, my Novation UltraNova and the Behringer Model D.



Kid Bunka | kiesel |

New stuff i made entirely on the Elektron Digitakt.

©Kid Bunka 2018


Hey Elektrons, I made this song on my Digitakt. They also streamed it a couple of times in the Radio, WDR2, for all germans here on board.
Sophia asked me to produce her song and this is what came out :smiley:
Additional Instruments where a MicroKorg, Rhodes MK2, Telecaster, a Bassguitar and some “real” drumming on the end. All, except for the drums on the end, where first sampled into the Digitakt.
After i made the song on the Digitakt, i exportet every track, every sample and all the different sections into Logic, mixed it there and send it to real analoge mastering. In the meantime we made a video.
The reason why the song has the vibe it has, is because of the Digitakt. It is such an intimate instrument, you got to dive deep, and this is what comes out, deep and beautiful music :smiley:
I hope you enjoy it, greetings from Cologne


lovely tracks! nice mixing and sample use :slight_smile:




a little jam for stbb this week
117.6 bpm


Hey, I saw your video I believe on your breakdown for a track you had put together, “Torn Apart”. Which was really cool by the way.

I just recently got mine and it’s was an instantaneous “click” with this machine. I have a while to go on creating a full track as I want to get comfortable w/ all the live tricks you can do w/ it first.

I have a basic set of sequence’s that I recreated on it that I was working on w/ the volca sample I had decided to switch from, but I won’t put it out till I get down some change ups and the parameter locks, rolls, fills, etc. to really put together a full version, but I did get my basic sketch recorded with the volca before I sold it to work with on recreating it on the Digitakt, which was easy once I figured out how to live record w/ quantize on.

This will be my main source. I will use my daw and boombox for recording the finalized songs but I went for the Digitakt b/c after creating that track on the volca sample I knew this was my style of work flow for creating and performing songs. I had a beatstep pro that I just wasn’t using.

Whether is was b/c I had to hook it up to my gear or b/c I was hoping to use it on my job, as I do get time to work on music as I wait for my truck to be loaded or unloaded from time to time, but it was to big and I would just end up letting it sit there. So after watching tutorial’s of the Digitakt and seeing that it really wasn’t as intimidating as I thought it would be to learn after having the volca I decided to let go of an 0-coast I had along with the bstp and volca to afford it.

And I’m sure I don’t need to tell anyone here how much more the Digitakt can do over the beatstep pro and volca sample. Plus I can port to work and get everything done on this one machine.

But I do miss that 0-coast. I put in a suggestion that since I was a 2nd hand buyer that maybe they could generate some 2nd hand buyer’s as revenue by selling additional features as add-ons. My example was the custom LFO shaping capability of the Octatrack.

I really liked being able to do that on the 0-coast and I know they want to keep some great features specific to they’re “flagship” premium/pro gear but maybe a few smaller features like that could be something they could have as a customizable option. Though I’ll probably buy the overbridge version that let’s me use the Digitakt as a soundcard once it’s available since I have some issues with my computer’s internal soundcard generating low level noise.


Hey there!

I’ve put together this 3-part techno track recently.
Tracked straight from DT through outboard mixer (Overbridge FTW) with some nice effect on sends.
I hope some of you will enjoy this mess of sounds.


damn, this sounds really nice!
so you tracked it via Overbridge using ITB FX sends? or did I missunderstood?


Thanks @depuratumba

I’ve tracked 8 DT channels via OB to cheap ass mixer with some nice hardware reverb processing on sends. Last touches were made in Ableton (I’m particularly fond on drum bus effect which adds this nice sheen to everything).


new one is out! get listen now… love from berlin!