Your Digitakt-only "Productions" - do you have some?! ;-)


Thank you. Glad to hear you like it. I did sample all of the synth sounds. Mostly from a Moog Sub 37, Boomstar 5089, Juno 106, and an Analog a4. I recorded a good deal of the synth sounds as improvisation on a cassette tape and then went back through to find the bits I liked. I also did this with youtube sampling. Just have a cassette in pause/record mode, go look for samples, record them to tape, and worry about sampling the best bits to the Digitakt later. I think it adds a certain character to the sounds.


Very cool, thanks for the breakdown. I just scored a 4 track myself for coloring/processing samples for my Digitakt.


Awesome! It is a lot of fun and a four track really does open up a lot of different ways to process samples. I like adjusting the pitch control on the four track very slightly as I am sampling into the Digitakt. It can give samples a really woozy sort of texture.

For me, it also helps to separate the sampling from the sequencing. It is nice to have dedicated time to sampling rather than just grabbing a few sounds from your phone and then begin sequencing. I would put these restrictions on myself where I would fill up 3 tapes of material before sampling it into the DT to begin composing.

Which four track did you get?


I nabbed a Fostex XR-5, just got it cleaned up. This definitely has me excited to put it to use.

I like that, I need to put more time into just sampling and sound design. I’ll try to get this thread updated when I put some tunes together.


That’s funny - that is the first four track I had back in high school. I look forward to hearing something when you have it sorted.


Really enjoyed this - lots of great ideas and inspiration in there. I’m quite new to the DT so this makes me very keen to get going with it properly. Thanks for sharing and look forward to hearing more!


Thank you. It really is an incredibly fun machine. I think that is what gets lost in all the talk about what it can and can’t do. For me, it is a joy to use and motivates me to really dig in and create.


Yeah I’ve found that to be the case as well. I’ve dabbled with making music over the years but usually found DAWS to be limiting in some way - like there’s no or little inspiration from the interface itself. With the DT I am excited when it is in front of me and just start playing. I like the fact there’s limits to it - I come from a Dj background and got heavily in to scratching for many years now… somehow picking up the DT reminds me of when I first started to see the turntable as an instrument. It’s immediate and tangible but there’s an element of free expression and ‘lets see what’s possible’.


Digitakt + the love for the subway station Gullmarsplan in Stockholm.
“Skit i stan, Gullmarsplan”


I think scratching needs to make a serious comeback! I’d love to hear some Digitakt creations with scratching over the top. I think you nailed the essence of what makes the DT great. Looking forward to hearing what you come up with.


Another jam, another heatwave in Sthlm.
this needs some reworking but i think it has something.


I use a Numark PT-01 Scratch turntable with my Digitakt.
I make little loops or breaks on the Digi and scratch along.
I’m by no means a great scratcher but I love the fun of it.

… and scratching has made a massive comeback in the last few years with the release of these portable turntables that you can pimp-up to hell with professional platters, stylus, needles, tone arms, crossfaders etc. Search for #ScratchAnywhere #PortableScratch etc on social channels. You’ll find LOTS of scratching fun there!


Yeah I’m curious where the Digitakt is gonna take me. As soon as I have something good I’ll share it here :). Keep up the great work with your music!


Yeah that was my intention when I got the DT as well, but now I have it I want to know everything it can do… It’s a bug! Scratching is like that too - if you enjoy it, just keep doing it.


The sampling videos I create fall into this category :slight_smile:

The whole process including mixing is all done within the DT. Only post-production was a limiter set to about a max of -3db peak reduction.


Here is a live sample based house jam I just had this morning. I wanted to try my hand at using the digitakt as more of a ‘performance’ tool. Here’s my first result. Everything is done on the digitakt.



Awesome stuff. Dead trees never sounded so good! :wink:


Here’s part of an acid inspired, unfinished jam.
It was recorded live, so please forgive any mess. I’ll jam on it again and upload a longer version to YT.
Knob twistage done on the Akai Pro MIDImix (still getting used to an updated template).

I bet you can recognise the sounds!


A lofi house track on the Digitakt…