Your Digitakt-only "Productions" - do you have some?! ;-)

not bad, if this is really your first piece of kit :wink:

I did something new with the Digitakt today as well. It’s some Dub Techno this time, have a listen:

Slowly this thread turns into some kind of a “self-promotion” Place i think :smiley: What do you think? Do we need a self-promo Section here at Elektronauts? I mean: We have the “Own Music” Category, but while browsing the Forum every here and then, i noticed that a lot of Tracks posted from People in this Category are simply ignored.

Why is that? Did Elektronauts became a pure “talking about the News, about Gear, about technical Stuff - but not focussing on the creative Part of our existence”-Forum these days?? :smiley:


How many patterns comprise “King-Princen”, if you don’t mind sharing? Nice work, btw

edit: how did you make the kick (on “A - Gist”, for example) so clean and hard-hitting? - is it just the quality of the sample?

p.s. King-Princen and SleepX are my favorites of the lot… really well done

Hi, Thanks!

King Princen is 2 patterns and the kick in A-gist is an high quality sample from an sample pack.
Sleepx was my 2nd track with the digi but never recorded it

@ umonox well i had the 1st electribe er1 but could not get what i wanted out of that was like 10 years ago…i always dj-ed so that helps i think

Like this one very much! nice atmospheres

thanks mate! yeah, that makes sense. i was never into DJing, always worked with a DAW only and went into Hardware later. was kind of a turn by 180 degree at that time :slight_smile:

Man - a lot of cool stuff in here. I got a Digitakt to have something to play around with when I have a few minutes on the couch, and it’s been great for that and given me so much more. I find myself getting pulled in and spending hours tweaking, arranging, playing. It’s so much fun. I’m working my way toward making a full track, so I’ll post when ready. In the meantime, what is the recording workflow that you guys are using? Straight into DAW or Audacity, polish and that’s it, or is there a better way? I’m open to suggestions, especially if there are ways to make recording more portable.

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Straight into audacity and then intensify the output with an mastering app LANDR. If overbridge comes out maybe then i will use an DAW

straight into Ableton Live with the Heat as Audio Interface and totally overcompressing it with Ozone - thats what i do :wink:

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This ugly exercise in sound design was conceived on DT and later squeezed through HEAT.


Haven’t made any finished studio tracks yet, but I’m posting jams to my IG and YouTube, having a ton of fun with it.

Spacey Jungle/DnB

Super noisey distorted 808 jam for 8/08/17



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I whish there was a way to sacrifice a track to record the dynamic mute states within a pattern…
nice sounding… love the noise…


that 808 day jam is awesome! really nice beat/sound :slight_smile:

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Or like if you are in live record have them get plocked into the tracks.


yep, great stuff mate! seen these videos on YT already, keep it up! Distortion is coming from the Digi, or have you plugged the Heat behind it? :wink:

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Thanks! The 808 track has a Boss BD-2 on an aux send. I want a Heat so bad tho!

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tonights noodle
triggering bass notes by using retrokits cable from midi track 1 into digitakt.
although it probably doesnt sound like it , it helped that i didnt have to program 4 x patterns .

1 x 16 step pattern with knob twiddling.


Synths are from an OB-6, but the rest is Digitakt!


the problem with digitakt is its 8 note limit. most of this stuff sounds unfinished. i realize that there were trackers back in the day that only played a few tracks but nowdays when everybody has so many options, do people really want to put in the effort to squeeze into such a small space? and with such limited sound sculpting options… i guess the effort + talent is what counts. but that certainly narrows the field of people equipped to make do. we need a savant to use it well lol

It’s a sampler that can resample. You can do an unlimited amount of things with that if you’re creative.