Your Digitakt-only "Productions" - do you have some?! ;-)


Very nice!
I wouldn’t say that the effects are overdone, they certainly add to the ‘4am’ atmosphere :wink:
With the reverb creating a dreamy mood and the delay a stuttering, broken vibe.
The tuned down clicks seems a little loud IMO.

I’m certainly guilty of filtering everything and using the delay for trip hop-like snares. It’s too easy!


Thanks for listening! I will record it again later after I do some adjustments :blush:


Looking forward to it :slight_smile:


This one too :

Project Live 2017 is a Live based on experimental Minimal Deep & Techno influenced by the cosmic trip of Pink Floyd’s Electronic Guittars & Synth vibes !
I hope you Enjoy !


Here’s something I threw together for some background music for a video my brother is making for youtube. This is Digitakt through Analog Heat with some light compression and eq in Ableton Live. When I made this beat, I liked it a lot, but in the process of tweaking and getting it to sound right, I’m tired of it, ha! At any rate, let me know what you think.


hell yeah, I’m digging the gritty stuff these days.


Sounds cool.

I know how you feel. I’ve come back to stuff I was really into for a couple of nights of jamming, only to think - damn, that’s kind of boring.
But after leaving the patterns for a week or so in order to concentrate on other things, I can return with something that brings them back to life.
Recently I added a pedal tone (resampled) minor chord to a previous old pattern, this created musical tension that, somewhat, reinvigorated it.


Great stuff!
Was it done completely ion the DT?

What controller/ device is that in the SoundCloud photo?


it is the Livid Instrument CNTRL-R ! I use with Ableton.
But now setup is DT + GAIA Rack & Synch with Ableton to use effects
4 Abletons Tracks (1 for DT, 1 for GAIA, 1 for Midi random vst synth, 1 For Audio Effects)



This is a mega compilation of beats and weird ambient things I’ve done exclusively on the DT. I’ve previously posted some of this material but it is all new recordings. I recorded every track out one by one in Reaper. It was uh… tedious. But fun.


100% Digitakt. All the non drums are from the beginning of the song “Khymos” by the band Food


18min of digitakt only space jam


Heres my track on Digitakt


Just posted a new Digitakt-only ambient piece:

really discovering that I love the bit reduction feature, after basically never using it since I got the Digitakt. It’s wonderful for ambient stuff and sounds with long, slow attack/decay envelopes


Thanks :+1:


This is tight, tight, tight!




Thanks homie :slight_smile:


This is really great, the whole thing. Really organic sounding. Did you sample a lot of the synth sounds yourself?