Your Digitakt-only "Productions" - do you have some?! ;-)


Been listening to DJ Windows XP, DJ Boring, Ross from Friends… I think they’re all under the same label. Also some artists I found on Bandcamp DJ Honesty, Interstate, Jesse Bru, Mall Grab, Subjoi… Any artists you recommend? Always looking for new names ahaha


Man, this is great! Really nice groove and a complete song. Did you run the DT headphone out to the Zoom H1n in, and then monitor from the Zoom? Clearly that seems to work pretty well. Do you then massage the file in a DAW afterward or just sync to your video and upload?


Can you give a more detailed description? Would you set up all the tracks to have infinite trig length, hold/decay, etc. or just pick one at random? Do you have an example tune where you’ve done this? Cheers.


Another live jam. All digitakt, but i did run it through my new sp404 for some filter effects and delay.

Listen to I Think Its Happening by Stoks #np on #SoundCloud


How is it having both SP-404 and the Digitakt?

I have the DT and been considering the SP-404 for its effects, wondering if it would be worth getting for that. How do you use them together?


Its a very nice. Combo. Ive also been getting into making beats with chopped samples, so it made perfect sense to me.

The effects are pretty good, roland has always known how to do effects thats for sure. But there are probably better options if youre just looking for effects.

I like it never the less. The dt and 404 are a perfect compact combo


Whichever tracks you want playing out of time.
You can definitely mix and match the tracks playing out of time and tracks on the sequencer. The choice is up to you

I’ve only jammed on it- haven’t recording anything .

More things you can mess with:
-tune of the sample affects speed which affects repetition
-if playing fwd: sample start doesn’t do anything(rev: length doesn’t do anything)
-LFO on either make it totes cray cray
-Sample Slot doesn’t do anything, unless you hit the track again(which, to me, opens up more oppurtunities than eliminates them. You could actually wildly alter the sound doing a ctrl-all on the sample slot and either transition in piece wise by hitting certain tracks at a time or abruptly by hitting them all at a time)

If you record anything- I’d definitely be keen to hear it!


Man, I’m still trying to wrap my head around this. I guess I’ll have to do some experimenting.


It’ll be great- as long as you appreciate weird nonsensical music.


Have experiment a few month ago with this technique.
Can do great, and far a lot more than think.
Strange music, but not just.


Easiest implemtation of this to try is the “drone box”
Set single cycle waveforms for each track all set to loop with inf trig length on trig page, inf hold and inf decay on amp page.
Hit a trig or two play with parameters.


Thanks - I think I’m starting to get the picture. I might have some time tonight to fiddle around with this. Cheers.


Thank you, glad you’ve liked it!
Yep the Zoom h1n works pretty well for that, very clean sound if gain is set to about halfway, starts to get hissy above that. Currently experimenting with using it as an audio interface for my Android phone to record videos with direct audio, seems to work with a third party camera, not for instagram lives though :frowning:

This video i dropped into Davinci Resolve for some color correction (amazing and professional, but available for free software), they have a pretty decent audio mixer in the recent version, so i just threw one of the limiters that came with it (wasn’t on my main music computer at the time), made things a bit louder and that’s it.


It’s a simple jam track which was uploaded here some time ago as a video…
I decided to use mastering service on this one and it doesn’t sound bad in its lofi way :).
I LOVE my Digitakt :stuck_out_tongue:


more shameless distorted percussion


Thanks, I’ve done a New Live 40Min


Space music is prompt this week stbb.
Digitakt only music


beats by Digitakt, synth by DSI OB-6
label: My Favourite Robot Records


Good vibe, well done!


Here is another one :blush:

I’ve noticed that I’m using a lot of reverb and filtering a lot of high ends. Definitely gonna do that less… Also seems that it’s peaking a lot and needs some mixing hmm…