Your Digitakt-only "Productions" - do you have some?! ;-)


Cool! Has a ‘Ninjatuney’ vibe to it :slight_smile:
And yea, top tip with the reverb.


Found it on the tube yesterday night, keep it up, it’s goody !



digitakt only

recorded with mobile phone stuck unit speaker hole

24288 (1.4 MB)


phone stuck way too deep into rokit



recently discovered recorded with huawei p8 lite 2017

24290 (1.9 MB)


who need a HEAT anyways?


24292 (2.6 MB)

again this time bit further from speaker

all digitakt fuckery


nice bass grit


fuzz here is fire!


Have post some of tracks from my new EP
“Stabby Bats” before now, as have made been.
And have post in Our Music also.
Not want to spam up the place,
but is Digitakt Only release, and is free download
(if one has such interest), and perhaps is valid here
also a post.
I hope you enjoy, fam, is just with Digitakt and love.


yea this is incredible


Just a jam i recorded straight into ableton with only some eq/comp to tame some spikes. Kind of waiting on overbridge to turn these into actual songs. The patterns are kind of disparate in some spots, and the mix could use fine tuning


I just discovered that there’s a way to make a track on the Digitakt without inputting anything into the sequencer.

It’s like an interesting exploration of time. And almost free-jazz. Very cool.

Has anybody done this?

In case you couldn't figure out what I was talking about

Trig length infinite. Infinite hold and decay. Play- Fwd/Rev- Loop. Hit a trig and let it loop being affected by LFOs and whathaveyou




Here are two tracks I made :blush: Mostly hiphop influenced beats … but I would love to make some lofi house stuff too…


digitakt only tech-house jam


rock and jazz songs from the 60s & 70s sampled. digitakt only:


Thanks ! Just tried it ! Real fun :+1:


Loving the vibes and the production skills, would love to hear what you come up with making lof-fi house :slight_smile:


Excellent stuff! Thanks for sharing.


Thanks a bunch! will post them here for sure


Nice, :slight_smile:
I’m curious, what Lo-Fi House artists/tracks are you listening to?