Your airplane kit?

I’m hopping on a plane in a couple of weeks, and it seems like a perfect opportunity to twiddle some knobs for a few hours. What gear would you bring with you? The OP-1 stands out as a perfect choice, as well as any “pocket” synth. I’m tempted to bring my Digitone/Digitakt pair (the seats have outlets), but I’m worried that might be too much of a hassle to bring on a flight. Thoughts?


i had the op-z with me on my flight. op-1 would also have been a good choice, but the 'Z is soooo small it was really nice.

Planes are so loud already, attempting to make music will probably not be a good idea health wise… :thinking:

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Even with closed headphones at a reasonable volume?

I had to turn my headphones way higher than normal to be able to hear what I was doing when I attempted this (Beyerdynamic 770 pro). Last time I was on a plane I measured the SLP and it was clocking a constant 75 dB. Add that the headphones, even with the reduction they may provide and you are probably on I wouldn’t go there territory :man_shrugging:


I use a pair of Shure SE215 on the plane with a little airplane kit, usually nanoloop and a small synth, never had any issues with too much noise in a large jet to keep my gear at a reasonable volume. A prop plane is going to be way too loud in my experience though, that’s a non-starter.

I also bring Nanoloop.

What examples of small synth, @Hawk?

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I like to bring the ELZ_1 usually, but the last time I flew I brought a Reface DX just to switch it up. Both have an audio input so they are ideal candidates, but I think the ELZ_1 is a superior choice because it’s smaller, has a nice little case from Analog cases that fits in my backpack, I can use the reverb or delay with nanoloop (don’t remember if you can use the Reface FX on external audio), and it’s more fun to design patches on the plane with all the different engines. I also think that square wave chip sounds (which it does really well in addition to many other things) tend to be more fun with the background noise of the plane since they are so bold and clean and even at very low volumes they don’t get lost.

I think maybe the next time I fly I will bring nanoloop FM & the Liven 8Bit Warps with me, I’ve been using them a lot lately together and it’s a winning combo. I just don’t have a case for the Liven yet, production hold-up, so maybe after that comes out they will be my travel pair. The Liven 4 track looper is just so tricked out and fun to use.

I will say though that the Reface DX on the plane was really fun because it just felt cool to play the nice little excellent feeling keyboard on my lap.

Probably not the answer you’re looking for, but for me iPad is the ultimate travel gear


Alas, I’ve never been a fan of the iPad for anything more than passive consumption. I’m too much of a keyboard nerd that I always feel pancake handed when I’m using a touch interface.

the model:cycles was supposed to be my flight companion, but considering the sound levels mentioned above, that’s probably not a great idea. the MC can get loud, like painfully so, in my experience. next time we fly (no idea when that will be), i’ll probably just take my laptop with ableton and call it a day.

I once took a Novation Circuit on a flight to China from the UK. Pulled it out half way through when everyone was asleep and the plane was dark and it lit it up like a 70s disco. Had to turn it off rather quickly!


H1n and PO-33 would make for some fun. I’d probably load my phone up with a bunch of snippets from my other gear to play around with.

All though I sold mine an OP-Z would also be great.

I would take this more as an opportunity to learn more about the machine rather than considering it a music-making opportunity. given that you don’t already know all of its ins and outs of what you’re bringing, maybe you should bring the manual along and study it?


I’d just enjoy the movies, pop some of that good sleeping aid shit and keep the music for another time.


I’d bring ear plugs, in the unfortunate event that the guy sitting next to me starts playing on those clicky Elektron buttons for the whole flight.


I’ve travelled with DN and can attest to the disco light show aswell. But everytime I whip out the OP-1 someones bound to ask about it. I highly recommend investing in some custom fitted in-ears!

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Polyend tracker?

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The most productive I’ve been on a plane was using a MacBook Air and Reaktor. Making loops to use later (SU700, OT, Ableton, etc)

Earbuds that blocked everything out was crucial.

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Monotribe with a ‘recording device’ couple of red wines, no turbulence :+1: