You have 30 minutes: have a go with Bitwig or VCVrack?


A bit weird question, because they’re not either/or kind of alternatives. They work great together. If I were to choose one, I’d go with Bitwig because you can just do more with it - it’s a full fledged DAW, with awesome workflow, great native instruments & FX and couple innovative concepts. VCV is yet another modular environment, likely better than Softube but less convenient than e.g. Voltage Modular.


This topic just made me discover VCV and I lost 2 hours of work.

Edit: haha 2 more hours, this is bad, this is real bad, this is just like crack for me. Tell my family I loved them.


Is it only me that finds VCV Rack unbearably dull? Wading through github pages, reading documentation, downloading updates, wondering why something doesn’t work and finding out some developer broke something and has submitted a “pull request” (I’ve got a pull request for you pal) Apple’s misery-inducing OS updates, and charmless Java-style user interfaces…

I respect anyone wanting to tinker with a kind of modular software thing, but I spent an afternoon with VCV Rack and never opened it again.


yay, another one down the rabbit hole.

…make sure to check out the packages from vult, audible instruments, valley, southpole.bidoo. cf. they should keep you occupied a while. (:

Edit: Ah yes, make sure to stop by …it’s exactly what you would expect from the site’s name. (:


It may not only be you, but there are several people in this thread whom hold a different view and quite enjoy using VCV Rack. And their posts at least are not unbearably dull.


rather than start a thread thought id just ask here, if I use an audio module with the power meter on whenever I select any audio interface it shoots up from anywhere between 1000-1500ms. i’m thinking this is whats causing my problems, anyone else getting this? no other modules open



What kind of “problems”? Not sure if it should be that high, but it’s just a latency that’s produced by VCV rack.


sorry, wrote about it slightly higher up the thread. was getting either no audio or bad crackles and pops. either way now it seems to be normal, getting clear audio and no crackling. looks like it hovers around 1000ms spread between modules for whatever reason. not sure why it started hitting 1500 on the interface alone but it seemed to cause problems. cheers anyway, sorted now somehow


What’s the best way to combine multiple OUTS into an IN? The Unity module?


This was in the early stages of VCVrack, but that’s simply not the case anymore when you keep to the standard way of using it (click some buttons on their website and off you go, docs are there also).

Of course when you want to get the latest, shiny, not even beta stuff or want every module anyone on this world has developed with his not-that-great experience and programming skills, then its very likely to get frustrated.


There exists no “best”, because it depends on what you want to do exactly.

Want to combine audio? Any mixer module will do. Want stereo panning? Want to combining CV signals? Want some weighted combination? Some randomization?

The Unity module is just a starting point. It’s quite basic, but nevertheless also quite useful.


I take your point and I do salute people who are enjoying it. I even occasionally watch VCV related videos on YouTube to see what people are doing.

I simply found the entire experience off-putting despite the universal acclaim I was hearing… I don’t mean any disrespect, just had such an opposite reaction.


Was trying to understand the accents of the default sequencer and how to route them to a single destination.


Maybe it’s because I’ve only gotten into VCVRack now that it’s been in the wild for a while, but I simply googled VCVRack, downloaded the Mac OS installer and everything worked just fine.

It’s an amazing tool, but if it doesn’t work for you, then just pick up a hammer instead. shrug

Bummer that you’ve had issues.


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What’s the best way to combine multiple OUTS into an IN? The Unity module?

You wanna use a multiple. There are tons of modules capable of combining several signal streams, the most simple and beginner friendly would be the multiple from Audible Instruments, I still use that a lot. No attenuation, just plain adding voltages, in different ways. (:slight_smile:


I think you replied to the wrong post here. I’m quite aware about what’s what in VCVrack :wink:

BTW: a multiple (per se) is the wrong type of functionality/module when you want to combine multiple input into one output. The functionality of combining multiple inputs to a single output is called “adder” or “mixer”.

Links of Mutable Instruments is somewhat special, because it supplies adder/mixer and multiple functionalities.