You can have 1 FX box only, what would it be?

Thanks a lot dude, will check it out. I’ve been debating on whether or not to just buy a half decent mixer to have more control on muting channels and routing… I absolutely hate using software based mixing using audio interface cards. :sob:

Come on Nikarga do yourself a favour, buy a mixer, it will give you so much more flexibility.


Dammit OK!!! Which one do I get? They have started to get crazy sophisticated… If I decide to get one, I’d want to it be pretty darn flexible… Allen Heath? I am using all my ins outs on the Apollo so I guess would need at least 8in 8 out…

Sell the Apollo and get a QuPac?

We’ll help you out :wink:

@Nikarga if you have the money, Qu-Pac seems to receive much praise.
Cool thing : you’d be able to plug all the separate outs of the AR !! Rather cool for assigning separate FX…

  • direct recording of the separate tracks to hard drive is pretty cool !
  • onboard FX and several of aux send

You might look for some info in this thread :

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Guys you are right… fuck it. I will get a proper mixer. But what about my Apollo Quad… I’m worried that the AD/DA converters will be nowhere near as good as on the Apollo? It is an amazing interface…

@xidnpnlss @LyingDalai I have heard a lot about this mixer… I will read the thread you mention…

But does that make my Apollo redundant? (fyi I dont really use much of UAD plugins except the stuff that comes standard with Apollo… Also I have the full suite of Waves…)

Oh then just drop the Apollo. I doubt the converters are SO different that it wouldn’t justify keeping it for the amount of flexibility you’ll get.

In addition get your self a H9 max and hook it up so that every channel could feasibly access it.

I think so.
It’s really cool to have a mixer that acts both as a soundcard and standalone recorder.

If I only had the money, and not lusting on 0-Coast / Heat / DM12 / DSI P6…


Dammit you guys are right… I guess I can use it as my audio interface card too for just DAW days… streaming I guess would not be an issue over USB? I love the Thunderbolt connection on my Apollo.

Dammit you guys, as if I didnt have enough to wish for… btw @LyingDalai forget the P6… you should see how monstrous the OB-6 is, and much more retro looking :wink:

Oh, really ?
I can’t judge from what I hear on the internet… I thought the HP filter would be good to have, but I guess OB6 filters are really worth it.
Both seem marvelous, but I wonder if I should really burn all my money in such a piece of gear.

Despite the possibilities, I no longer GAS for the DM12 that much.
Would rather go with a synth without screen and huge sound :smile:
But 2,6 k€… I’m not here yet :crying_cat_face:

I will be the Devil Associate here… UAD Apollo have plenty of power it’s one of the greatest soundcard. IF my goals was STUDIO and JAM (no live) i would keep my Apollo as i can polish my inputs Post/Pre with UAD plugins and keep some kind of analog feel in my audio takes. IF i go LIVE i would not going on QU-PAC because of the 9kg… the less weight is the better with TRAVEL by plane. But YES it’s one of the best digital mixers and perfect for small studio but not the cheapest. I am in this kind of STUDIO / LIVE scenario and i opted for a Behringer X18 with an IPAD less expansive, less weight (3kg) and WARM it up then with the Analog HEAT (for now) and the results are pretty nice in LIVE. For Studio purpose i use the couple OB (Analog Rytm and Analog Four)+ I-connectivity Audio4+ (Octatrack + HPD20) but i will probably get somedays a better sound-card i don’t know. (i’m kind of happy with this for now)

The only thing nice with digital mixers is RECALL… (at least to me)


I was in the same boat… but you buy this thing once… and you keep it forever. No screen and 1 button per function is a VERY welcome and fresh addition to Elektrons… no menu diving. The sound is monstrous. I played with a P12, P6, OB-6 and kept going back to the OB-6. Insane sound:

Also check out the very extensive video playlist from none other than Marc Doty - the video below is part of a series that compares it to the P6 and is very extensive:

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Makes sense @William_WiLD I never play out live but I do love to try and jam/produce/improvise/record take (audio) live in my little studio… the Apollo is a fantastic piece of kit, just wish it was more usable as a traditional mixer… :cry:

Also annying that doesnt always work without the computer on, depends on how you switch it off etc…

If i have a dedicated room and a lot of space + Money
i would go probably on a MIDAS VENICE F VF24 but not enough space to put that monster on desk here
(And also a little bit old always on Firewire and seems to be redeem by Behringer music group so…) or Allen & Heath ZED-R16

@William_WiLD Btw I just went to grab my guitar fx and realise its actually not the M80 but the baby M25…
To clarify, with my current setup - I will get a mixer guys but for now - how would I utilise it in my chain…

On the M 25’s back there is an input (which powers the unit on and usually I plug in my guitar lead). There is also the AUX line in which is 3.5mm jack - will this power it on too?

Do I connect into the AUX in with a stereo TRS jack to 3.5mm jack? what about the L/R outputs of the M25?

Sorry its a newbie question - I’ve been getting too comfortable just with elektron sequencers and all in one grooveboxes!


DC 9 V
Dry Batteries (R6/LR6 (AA) type) x 6
AC Adaptor (BOSS PSA series: sold separately)

I would use on Battery or AC Adaptor in the exact same way as i described earlier with :
Probably the same kind of procedure on the QUAD :

If need plug an adaptor only to power it and USE THE AUX in

Your Apollo send FX bus signal AUX in and RETURN to the Apollo by the L/R outputs of the M25

Thank you pal, will try tonight… think i have all the necessary adaptors and cables in my boxes…

Just going off the demo’s, I’d get an Analog Heat.
You get unusual effects that nothing else can achieve, great compression and an A/D.

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