Yesterday’s email survey

From the questions in Elektron’s Digitakt email survey yesterday it left me under the impression they might be planning on increasing the sample tracks and reducing the midi tracks.
I’d be perfectly happy with 12 sample tracks and 4 midi tracks.


I didn’t get that email :thinking:

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Me too.

But i didn’t receive an email either.

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Was sent only to those who answered to have owned a Digitakt in the previous survey.

Not for People currently owning the DT? Strange move…

Anyway, if they do this, increasing the sample tracks and reducing the midi tracks, or better let us choose if we want the tracks to be midi or audio, like for model:samples, it would be awsome!!!


Quote: You are receiving this new survey because you replied that you previously owned a Digitakt in our last survey and kindly agreed to be contacted again for further questions.


They’re interested to find out what would have made you keep the. DT.

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I bought dt because of the number of polyphonic midi tracks it has.

I also did not receive an email survey.

this, otherwise I would stop updating firmware. I don’t really care what machines are added.



In a mark II ? (Because I wonder if it’s outside the scope of a firmware update).

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One of the questions was focused around whats more important to you sample play back or sequencing external equipment.

I guess if they are planning more machines then more sample tracks would be a way to go.
But I understand there’s those that have a priority sequencing external gear, hence the survey.

Would def rather take more sample tracks cos I have another sequencer for external gear. Obviously would be perfect if one could flip between a track being for a sample or midi. Either that or it being a OS A / OS B sort of thing.

Didn’t get the new survey cos I didn’t own a DT until this Monday. Said I wasn’t planning to buy other Elektrons in the previous survey. I’m a bit like that with Elektron machines. Still not sure if I’ll keep the DT but more sample tracks would be an improvement in my use case.


Interesting. Do you plan to replace the AR or is it in addition to it’s comparably limited sampling capabilities?

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It’s a test drive sort of thing as I swapped my Digitone for the Takt with a friend. If I decide not to keep the Takt, my friend will buy the Tone instead. Was the perfect situation to see what the DT is really like with the new OS and all.

Edit: Not going to replace the Rytm. :slightly_smiling_face:


what is the point in owning a digitone and a digitakt if they are the only 2 machines I can control from 1 interface? if there are only 4 midi channels available, it turns into a choice of either digitone’s 4 voices / or other gear. that’s not fair to someone who bought both, it’s bordering on bait and switch.

clearly this is not yet a reality but it feels like this is something along the lines of “how can we nudge digitakt pricing closer to syntakt” and then make a list of ways digitakt can read from a brochure as having similar features to a syntakt, just as a sampler.

  1. machines
  2. same physical appearance
  3. same polyphony per midi channel
  4. same number of available voice tracks?

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To personally desire more sample tracks vs MIDI tracks is one thing, but to leap to such a wild speculation that Elektron is actually planning to do that is pure rubbish.

I took the same survey. We, the respondents have no idea how others weighted what was important to them. Nor do we know how Elektron will use the data.

For what it’s worth, and it isn’t worth much, I personally wouldn’t mind more MIDI tracks, not fewer. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to start a thread saying that’s what Elektron is planning to do.


I doubt this would come as an update.

I thought of this as research for a MKII.

Of course, I don’t know but just looking at the Digitakt shows that it would be awkward to have a whole bottom row marked as MIDI A-H, but after an update, you could only use A-D? Products are idiot proofed as much as possible… A change like that would push DT into the Bad Gear territory if this were only an update.

What would be nice is if you had the option of using the tracks for either MIDI or audio. Best of all worlds if possible.

most people would say “it’s the elektron way”.

Like I said in my original post, thats the impression the survey left me, it may leave others with a different impression.

And remember this is a forum where we talk about things.


Agreed. That’s what we’re doing. Talking about things.

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