WTF is music, anyway?


Yeah, his musical releases have been kinda eh

But his Indeterminacy album is an inspiration for my next serious project


so, the famous triad effectively becomes tetrad:
War Is Peace
Freedom Is Slavery
Ignorance Is Strength
Music Is Noise


Music is a window to the soul.
I hope Aphex Twin is doing well :smiley:


I’m not following, are you suggesting that the broadening of musical understanding to include discordant sounds and various elements of what might otherwise be considered noise is part of an Orwellian system of oppression?

Because that would be ridiculous.


it’s about cognitive drift, not oppression.


I think he was exploiting the inherent and clear contradictions in big systems for awesome literature.


Pretty sure they’re already here and can be found partying in Bristol. But if not, I guess I can live with ‘extremely rare’ and hope for a Soundcloud dump of unreleased material etc.


Music is sound that has been organized.
-Tristram Cary

I really like this definition.

It’s from the documentary What the Future Sounded Like by Matthew Bate and it’s about the people who eventually started EMS. It’s available here:


The Triad is an arbitrary point of Western harmonic evolution.
Back in the days of plainchant and organum the third would’ve been considered noise.

Edit: To anyone interested in the nuts and bolts of Western music I highly recommend seeking out Bernstein’s ‘The Unanswered Question’ lecture series.


if by “nowadays” you mean the last 100ish years


It’s mindblowing to write off Cage’s work because it’s so incredibly diverse. I get the spirit of some of the dismissiveness of the actual output, but it isn’t all ‘difficult’. Personally, I find a lot of the prepared piano work incredibly beautiful and listenable.