WTF is music, anyway?


sound that elicits an emotional response in it’s recipient


“what is music but organized noises?”

Edgard Varèse


Noise is music. Music is noise.


It’s just an idea. There’s no music, tho I love it nevertheless.


Great comments here. To me, music is some sort of mirror, occupying waves we can hear and feel, at speeds that hold together in some way, however tenuous, as a “piece”, like our bodies. I like the “organized noise” quote in this context as well, as we are organized beings. I also like to think of all music as inherently playful. Even the darkest and saddest music is still “played”. For me music is the strongest reflection of our ludic cores, as any sound can be musical to the right ear in the right moment. My favourite music quote was uttered by Friedrich Nietzsche:

"Without music, life would be a mistake.”


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Did you used to be one of those people that, when asked “what’s up?” You’d respond with “the sky”/“the ceiling”?


This. The universe is structured on musical principles, so it’s all around us and IS us.

I think it was John Cage who said something like: “There is no noise, only sound.”

Anyway, good topic to muse about :wink:

Process and product are both important to my work, but musical processes are by far the things that help me heal and move forward on a daily basis.


no. i’d respond: «the starry sky, and the moral law within.»




Time, like music, is a man-made creation. Music, like time, is relative. Before mankind, the only songs were made by the birds. Rock and roll, however, will never die.


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I’ve always thought of music to be less about sound and more about the spaces between sounds. Then I discovered drone and my ideas morphed into perceptible changes within sound which can be sudden or barely there at all.
Music may be described as sound arranged in such a way as to illicit a response but I tend not to talk in terms of music because I’m really interested in sound. Painting & sculpture is all to do with light & can easily be contained but the ideas around it cannot, sound is harder to contain so I like to think of it more like life, just messy ideas that spill & leak all over the place.

I’ve listened to shear beauty & extreme horror & I’ve gotten something useful from both so maybe it’s all about energy.
I’ll leave it there before I disappear up my own arse :slight_smile:


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Sound is part of the origin of the universe, long before the light


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we had this debate in college music theory and basically our professor boiled it down to this:

music is organized sound.

the emphasis is on ‘organized’ or, like, ‘assembled.’

after, as my professor would claim, people like John Cage and Harry Parch, et al., started really pushing the boundaries of ‘what is music,’ people started to accept “non-musical” tones in their music. Prof’ says it’s the organizing of those sounds that makes it ‘music.’ can’t say i agree 100% but i got what he was saying at the time.

i know a few noise musicians whose whole ethos is that music is a subset of noise. …noise is everything… to them.


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