WTB Zvex Lo-Fi Junky Pedal (UK)

Anyone looking to shift one?

Hi Stu,
I have one for sale. Based in Dublin, Ireland. Bought new by me from Juno UK n only used a few times. Receipt included. €200 Inc shipping if you’re interested.
Cheers :slight_smile:

Thanks mate, but I can get a new one for £187 so I’ll pass on that. Cheers anyway.

ah right. theyre €239 in thomann n gear4music so I thought that was fair. I’m flexible if they are available for less of course.

Aye, Juno have them for £187 including postage. I would be looking to pay about 150 for a mint second hand one I think.

yea that sounds about right to be fair, tho I think I should probably just keep it at that price. they’ve come down in price a bit since I bought it. was £237 in juno when I got it a couple of years ago.
best of luck with the search :+1:t3:

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No worries, I totally understand. Thanks anyways man!

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