WTB (UK/EU) Monomachine MKII w/+ drive

Looking for a well looked after Monomachine.

Let me know what you’ve got!

Bump :upside_down_face:

there was one on gumtree uk , only £500 mint condition , boxed.
its sold now though , but gumtree might be worth keeping an eye on.

he also had limited machinedrum (red) , £500 .

i almost grabbed both , but i was too lazy to get up early.
i dont think he realised their true value.

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Thank you!

The search continues…

yeah I saw that too (and missed as well)

hello aPul, are you still interested ?

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Yes…for some reason I didn’t receive a notification…

PM me with details.


Sunday Bump :upside_down_face:

I was gone for the weekend, now for the PM.

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There’s one on eBay super mint, £900
I’d have it myself if I didn’t have other stuff to buy


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bumpty bump

Still looking…:upside_down_face:

Thanks Sureno, but I think I’m a bit late on that one…:+1:

Sometimes searching the forum can be helpful!

Already made an offer on it…and was refused…

Would be willing to pay €800 if it didn’t have a fault and scratchy screen…

Show us that you really want it and pay 2000 euros for an mk1 model! Just do it!


I spotted one on AudioFanzine:

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Thank you!

I’ve sent a message to see if they’ll send it to Brexitland.

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