WTB: Nord Drum 2


Hi there, I am looking for a Nord Drum 2, if you have one for sale please give me a heads up with a PM.
Thank you in advance.
Br. Daniel


Try gumtree , a few nord drum things on right now , uk …


Thank you sir, I found one :slight_smile:


great choice! :wink:


Really looking forward to try it. If it’s good I might want to sell my TR8 and Jomox Airbase99.
I think it’s kind of a shame that the new model 3 never came out without the pads.


I do not think the Nord Drum 2 can replace the Roland TR8. TR8 makes the most typical TR sounds, the Nord Drum, as Drumsynthesizer can do much else and that better, but not the TR sounds. I like the Drum Drum 2 for its glassy and wooden sounds and those incredibly deep bass drums.

Tip: At the time I got a used Doepfer Pockeldial for the Nord Drum 2 to have more direct access to the parameters