WTB (NL/EU) Machinedrum UW+ MK2


Hi folks, I’m looking for an MDUW+ MK2 in good state. I have an early 2000’s MK1 upgraded to UW. Running up against the single pattern bank memory limit every time drives me nuts. Time to switch to an MK2 with +drive.

Willing to pay a fair price for a good unit. I’m not in a hurry so unreasonable pricing offers will be lost on me.




Hi ! I have one for sell in mint condition if you are still interested :slight_smile: My price is 750. I will be able to send via UPS from the first april
Kind regards



Hi Pierre, I have found one locally in the meantime. Thanks for your message!


So we’re done here, then? We can close the thread?


Yes we can!