WTB (EU) SP404sx or SP303

I’m looking for an SP404sx or SP404a or SP303 for ~200€

I’m in Rennes, France, and selling a SP 404 (og with vinyl sim) at this price.
Let me know if you’re interested.

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Hey, Sorry I think I will go for an SX or maybe a 303 but the 404 og don’t look very interesting since the SX.

I have a 404 A in mint condition but won’t let it go for 200 unfortunately.

200 is a bit low for a 404. I sold a 404sx on ebay in an auction for 300 and even that was a bit lower than previous sales.

I saw lot of 404sx sold at 200€ in France. And I don’t have much money so, if someone can let it go at 200 + shipping. I also can take a 303 for the same price.