Writing an article about why the Octatrack is still so rad after a decade

There’s def a plus side to having a massive user base and ten years of forum posts figuring out what it can do and how. The deep fans are very devout and prob spent more time answering queries than I spend making music at all. I keep getting irritated with my MPC, because of its relative newness and user base there’s a lack of info about relatively basic things online. The answer is usually half way through a 30 minute video somewhere. People say buy gear for what it is but really when you buy something new these days you know more is coming and you never know what. Largely because things are released unfinished. When a box is ten years old it’s safe to say don’t expect much more and even then they still add bonuses to it


A few things I’m thinking…
(After only a few years of owning)
It is a very beautiful thing to own
It’s a very beautiful thing to spend your time thinking about
I love having more LFOs than I need
I’ll never get close to using its potential
This forum
The patience of this forums users/guides/druids
Then the slider/scenes/parts etc
I aspire to use it more as a live looper
It lends itself to playing live and also being creative.

Hope that helps. Looking forward to the article

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That’s a great observation.


I’m writing the article now, and man it’s hard to fit all this great stuff into 750 words. Still, that’s the job! And of course I keep getting distracted by the Octatrack while I’m trying to write…

This article is gonna be a soft porn fluff for 1/2 this forum


I should quote you on that :slight_smile:


Sure won’t part with my MK1! It’s the first bit a gear I’d buy again, in case my OT doesn’t survive imminent climate disasters (and I do).

I love it for reasons mentioned above. But foremost for not having a set workflow. After 10 years a still find and take new turns and I’m sure there’s still a whole lot to be discovered.

The fact that my neighbour might use it in a totally different way I never thought of or considered, is really thrilling!


It’s up!

Why the Octatrack Is the Weirdest Electronic Musical Instrument Around

Thanks to everyone!


I loved it, very heartwarming. One correction though, there’s 16 16th notes in a measure, not quarter notes.


Doh! I’ll tell my copy editor.

“In a way, the Octatrack is the George Clooney of grooveboxes.
It’s getting on a bit, and showing its age, but it still looks great.”



Nice piece, sums it up quite well. Can we just redirect future “is octatrack still worth it in 20XX” posts to your article? Mods?

(jk of course)


Hey someone else liked your article too :joy:


WTF!? I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

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I really enjoyed reading your article, but this auto-generated video is an abomination. :grimacing:

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