Would you trade Analog Four mkI for Analog Heat 2?

I was thinking of trying a Heat 2 to go with my DN & DT. Had an Analog Drive and quite liked it but have always been curious of it’s big brother.
Do you think this would be a fair trade? Would you rather keep the A4? I must admit I haven’t used mine in a while since getting Microfreak.

If you don’t use it yes, live is to short. Try out other things, that will let you make decisions faster. Don’t rationalise to much… but i think a4 is worth analog heat plus 200eur at least.

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Try routing your other synths through track 1 and 2. The analog 4 can do stereo distortion also. Plus you get more lfo’s, a key tracked filter, envelopes, and modular fx. I had an analog heat, but used it to fund an analog keys. I run my dt through tracks 1 and 2 all the time. Don’t forget about the feedback oscillator if you get bored of the two distortion flavors.


Maybe I should spend more time using the inputs. Now the A4 can also sequence MIDI there is a whole lot more to discover.



… or tracks 1 and 3, so that the two signals can be passed to tracks 2 and 4 respectively for four filters on each signal.


There’s clearly a lot for me to try with this and I appreciate the advice. I’m going to search YouTube for examples of input mangling etc. Let me know if you know of any that I should watch.


I forgot to mention key tracked filter + arp :eye::eye:

A4 plus …

In monetary value it is a fair trade, but that’s only because the A4 mk1 is ridiculously undervalued


I’ve decided to definitely keep my Analogue Four as it offers so much that I haven’t properly tapped in to.
I’ve just bought a Moog Sirin so that is going to be sequenced via the four cv channels with the audio going to the A4 for fx.
Lots of fun ahead!

Thanks all