Working with Scenes LFO and retrigger

Hi guys

hoping someone can help me.

I’m having some trouble understanding if it’s posibble to lock LFO depth and speed to Scenes and have the crossfader fade between the affected and unaffected signal. For example have the lfo set to modulate retrigger or pitch.
When i set up scene B so that the sample is quite affected by the lfo it doesn’t seem to be any way to get it back to normal without turning scene B off. Moving the crossfader back to A does affect the signal but does’t bring it back to “Normal”. Scene A can eighter be blank or have the LFO depth and speed locked to zero. It doesn’t make a difference.

Same goes for retrigger (RTGR from SRC page). I can lock it to scene B but bringing it back to A doesn’t stop the sample from retriggering.

From what i can understand it seems possible.
What could i be doing wrong?

I noticed the crossfader indicator on the screen doesn’t move all the way to the left.
Maybe this is what’s causing the issue.
Bottom left of the picture.
Can anyone confirm that this is not normal behaviour?

Try to calibrate your crossfader in test mode (Fn + Power On)


Thanks a lot, that solved the issue:) however would you know if pressing trigger 5 in test mode messes up the unit in any way lol. I misunderstood the manual and thought i was suppose to press 5 to exit. makes all buttons light up red so freaked me out a bit. It seems to be working fine though:)


:wink: Now you can test the crossfader in test mode, just moving it. Beautiful leds.

Absolutely beautiful:)