Work arounds for model samples not triggering first hit in Ableton

I can’t get Ableton to trigger the first hit with model samples. Any work arounds for this?

I had a model cycles that did that, if I hit stop twice on the hardware it’d always hit the first beat again.

There is some useful info in this thread.

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I had a similar issue with my Octatrack (acting as Master) triggering the first hit on the MS. The solution I found here on the forums (and which seems to work nicely) is to simply nudge over the microtiming to the right by the smallest amount.

Usually it’s a kick and maybe a lead sound that fall on the first hit for my patterns…so I just bump it over 1/384th if needed. It doesn’t audibily impact the timing, and works every time.

Still - seems like a common issue that needs a bug fix.