Wonky Heat Encoder, anyone else experience this?

See video below. It sometimes selects items before it clicks, sometimes skips selections or jumps back instead of forward, and changes when gently pressed on from the side.

Yep. From day 10. Hate to send things back. Meanwhile my warranty is over. I’ll try to live with it but for such a expensive box it’s quite annoying. Gonna exchange it for a replacement once i feel brave enough to desolder the damn thing.

Mine is the same. Was like that from day 1. It’s usable but I really should get it fixed.

Thanks all. I’m still within the return window, so will reach out to the retailer to see what can be done.

Quick update for anyone else that stumbles upon this.

Sweetwater got in touch with Elektron, and the official response was to do the “spin rapidly for a minute or two” trick to clean the encoder. I also saw this mentioned in another forum post somewhere and had already tried it, but I tried it again. No improvement.

Already got a replacement unit and the encoder is perfect. No skipping whatsoever.

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This seems very similar to my Digitone issue. I was discussing it over here: Jumpy encoders

That’s info from Elektron, eh? Seems pretty harmless, even if it doesn’t solve the problem.

I keep meaning to open a support request about my encoders, but then I think about how long it’s going to take to have it sent in and fixed, if that’s the recommended course of action.

Yeah, that’s standard operating procedure with all encoders and pots, to be fair. I have vintage gear that acts up after a while that 9 times out of 10 improves with some energetic spinning. I rarely have to use cleaning agents.

Mine appeared to be wonky hardware though, primarily because I could push on it from the side slightly and it would wig out.

Moral is that you don’t necessarily have to live with it either way.

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