Wolf Parade w/ AK

Saw Wolf Parade tonight in SF… keyboardist Hadji Bakara was mainly playing an Analog Keys.

He also had a moog theremin and moogerfoogers…


That’s rad, did it seem like he was using the sequencer at all or just as a keyboard instrument ?

Oh man I wanted to go to the LA show so badly but it was sold out. This album changed my life. I watched the live stream and saw him playing an Analog Keys and thought about posting, but assumed no one would care or know them! Great show, great band, and it was super cool to see Hadji back for the performance. Thanks for making the post!

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There was a live video of them years ago, and I think Spencer was playing one, maybe two MoPho X4’s. I think it was before the analog renaissance really took off, so it was probably a good analog poly synth with presets for an indie band.

Very cool to see them rocking the Elektron. I know that Operators (an offshoot of WP) uses a lot of Elektron gear. You can definitely hear it in the music :grinning:

Yeah I remember seeing Spencer playing the mopho x4 in some older videos! I think I saw him using one as recently as 2016. Dan is a pretty big synth nerd, there’s videos of him playing bass stations, electribes, digitones, I think he’s really into FM synths right now.

Love Wolf Parade as well.

is there an archive to the livestream posted somewhere or was it a ticketed only stream? would love to see it.

I’m pretty sure no sequencer, they have a live drummer who is all over the map :slight_smile:

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Found it. It’s a good set from when they came back from their hiatus. I always enjoy a KEXP video


Jupiter 4!!