Will there be Octatrack MK3 anytime soon?


This seems weirdly appropriate to illustrate what the OT is.


Makes total sense. OT has evolved so much over time that it would probably be a nightmare to bolt on more stuff without breaking what’s there. I would very much prefer a clean slate approach to building something equally powerful and iconic. Just don’t call it Octatrack, please.


so you would recommend to wait over buying an OT now?
for now i am happy with the sample function of my AR, but i guess time stretching samples and having those mixer and effect capabilites of the OT would be tempting me one day in the future…


by ugly swedish model you mean the OTmk2 ? (because the ot1 was swedish as anything by elektron^^) i really like the new design more than the old, but i can not understand why they chose different form factors for the mk2 devices…


I was told that since Hector had gone AWOL and taken all the blueprints with him there is no chance of a new OTmkIII, the MKII was as we all know largely based on existing MKI technology, they still don’t know how it was made so even changing the screen and buttons was a huge challenge, getting human technology to interface with the alien tech inside of the OT resulted in two Elektron technicians getting injured, one got a nasty plasma burn which burnt partway through his thumb nail, the other got tinnitus for 3 days after probing the flex buffers with an oscilloscope.


…by the ugly swedish model, i mean the brand new ugly model of course…ot mk2 is a truu beauty, with it’s ash grey finish…and the oled fresh up…

and since there is no alternative to ot’s out there anyways, there is no sense in waiting for something else doing similar or a new version to come, if u need something only an ot can provide and u’ll need that now…

but sooner or later there will be a new machine…and it will be called octatrack mk3…and it will look totally different…but it will do, what the old does, with way more options on top of that all…it will support a new level of hands on and overall simplicity, with finally no need for the old code anymore…all brand new and freshhhhhhhh way of thinking…no looking back…next level of new sonic terretory…


Can’t speak for anyone else but it’ll take me at least 10-15 more years before I’d even start to worry about whether I was going to exhaust the possibilities of the MKI, so a MKIII isn’t even on my radar.


I really like the new big A4/AR mk2 form factor.

Seems a OTmk3 is not realistic.

Maybe a whole new concept of a high level sampling machine.


ah, you’re talking about the model:samples? i think they aim on the volca generation here, so it is not really meant to be a substitute for any other machine.

  • this is what i mean. i dont really need it now, because for now i am good with the sample capabilities of my AR, but on some point i know i want to do stuff only an octatrack can do. it will be my next BIG investment, so i am struggling if i should relax and wait for like 2 yrs or so, or if i get the mk2 as a christmas gift to myself end of this year…

true, i am pretty sure the OT1 would be sufficient for me, but if there is a successor planned it would be stupid to buy the “old” one. (as i said i do not neeeeeed it for now)


and of course… i would love to have the octatrack in the form factor of the other mk2 machines… (which would not be a point not to buy it, but definitly a pain in the eye for every lover of symmetry)


Well, when you change your mindset a little bit the pain may go away.

There is no complete functional symmetry within the triple (they are not all the same). It’s one master with two slave devices. So, at least for me, the difference in looks is okay.


you are right, of course, one should never choose design over function. but it hurts a little :wink:


mkiii is just using 2 OTs


Arrrrgh! Me alive, never !

Lover of cemetery you mean ?


lol , this made me laugh^^ so much effort for a joke always gets me!

seriously, it is all a matter of taste, and i loved that all the old ones fitted so well together, you could fit them together in a case, all perfect lined up.
but i like the new design a lot because of the button quality and the heavy duty and tilted case.
(in a perfect world, they would have taken the old optic with the new form factor - tilted, better display, better and buttons with backlights - but all black grey red…)


Whoever can answer this, please let me know the size of the universe and what’s beyond that too. Cheers.


If they continue to increase flagship products size like that you’ll get an idea!



For MKIII rlen should go up to the size of the universe and :elot: should be able to play plocked start points and pre-slices near the end of the recording on the first pass… The long awaited “Presampling”…


I don’t see Elektron as a company stomaching another piece of gear as complex as the octatrack. With how complex it is to work with I also imagine the codebase is pretty scary.