Will the Digitone Keys support CV/Gate?


Yes, I’m tempted. Played the Keys on Superbooth and was very convinced when it came to its overall playability.

One thing I forgot to ask though: Does anyone know if the Digitone Keys’ sequencer will output notes that can be used to drive CV / Gate in a Modular?


Haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere, it added mappable sustain inputs so I’d think that could be used with CV, if with a bit of faff to make it work. Won’t be driving anything though


No CV output. CV input only. And no laughing to get those inputs working. They’re macros as well. Very powerful. Voltages can range from -5.50 V to +5.50 V. Max levels can be set.

If you want to drive CV modules with the Digitone Keys (or Digitone, for that matter) you’ll need a MIDI to CV converter.


So my Yarns will be busy - thanks for the info!


How much voltage comes out of the single outputs of the dnk? Is it possible to drive it in the 5V-Range of Eurorack? Had anyone managed to get something out of it that can be used as a clock signal?


I was just about to reply regarding “line level” (4 dBu for professional line level), but the manual specifies the outputs with +18dBu. If this is really right, then it can easily drive the complete range of Eurorack.

It may not be that simple as with a sampler to simulate a clock signal, but why not?