Will Brexit bring prices down in UK if we do a WTO deal


Thats it. Honestly sometimes I feel its all setup to distract us; or we want and allow ourselves to be distracted cause the truth is too hard to face.

Trevor Noah the other day put pics of Boris and Trump side by side and it was pretty startling.

“Hey look over there! Clowns! Arent they entertaining?”


What has Brexit and the Octatrack got in common. They both can create a mangle.


they both have midi arps


You could add Conditional Triggers to that list too😂


Well now, there is a new geophysics paper out that is making waves as it connects magnetic pole reversals with mass extinction events. Did you realize the rate at which the poles are migrating is accelerating and the south pole is now completely off the continent of Antarctica? But then this is for another thread.


To the question posed by the OP, yes prices in the UK will fall as GBP surges post Brexit referendum 4, 5 and 6.


You forgot to use the dogwhistle “globalists” in this conspiracy theory promoting a global rise in facism.