Why people say Digitone are not good as Monomachine?

Are the monomachines really selling for $2000 nowadays? I’ve been seeing them popping up around the same price as a new Digitone

That said, you should get the Digitone

you don‘t.
you can create a million different sounds with this synth


Also, if you’re going for MnM, be sure to grab @Sugamo’s much more reasonably priced box which includes worldwide postage in the price: https://www.elektronauts.com/t/fs-eu-ww-monomachine-sfx-60-mkii-1075-shipped-by-ems-ww/134375


If you have another MIDI sequencer of any kind, and you’re interested in FM, I’d say get a Yamaha FB-01 or TX81Z for cheap and read a manual. But yeah, also buy my Monomachine, hahah.


adding this, just in case :smiley_cat:


…do they…?..really…?

end of the day, the tone is nothing but another swedish instrument that does the trick…
truu is, the tone is the only synth, where it’s totally ok to start with picking some preset…
because, as always truu with swedish gadgets, it takes a minute to get to unknown other worldly sonic terretories…

willing to spend 2000 bux for a monomachine…?
well, then i’d say…pick a tone for now,…u won’t be dissapointed at all…promise…and then wait for the next big thing…some monomachine meets machinedrum groovebox/synth thing in the same formfactor as the other digis…pretty soonish to be announced…

results into two individual instruments in the overall footprint of a monomachine…totally uptodate with all the new tricks elektron added in the last years…

while that’s roundabout “only” 1400 bux all in all, after all…

Damn! Im broke atm!
I already own a mnm but if i had the money I’d definitely buy it without a second thought!!!

Haha, great one from 2014. :wink:
And that was the Beatstep without Pro.
I actually don’t miss the Mnm anymore since i got the Digitone Keys. I only wish they would have implemented the 6x Delays…

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although the MM doesn’t have all the latest sequencing features of the new machines, using an external device to sequence it sure does change things around :slight_smile:


Yeah you’re not wrong. I love using the model:cycles to sequence the MnM :smiley:

For the cost of secondhand MnM you can buy a model:cycles and a Digitone and still have some left.


I have owned both and for me the Digitone is way better than the Monomachine.


I own both and for me the Monomachine is way better than the Digitone :wink:

Digitone is still amazing though. Monomachine’s character is just more my style.


Any convincing audio / video of MnM only?
I still don’t get what is that special with it.
Which MnM machine are the most original?

I’m still curious about it, but having DN + Virus TI for digital synth purposes I don’t think I’d need it.

And here a friend has the Monomachine playing a Track with the VO machine running and Midi tracks of the Monomachine Midi LFO controlling his Little Phatty:


the monomachine had a joystick. the digitone has chunky pitch and mod wheels.

the answer to “which one is better” should be obvious.

I’ve both and without going into several pages, my unscientific view is -

MNM has the rewarding sense of hewing from raw rock an elegant detailed sculpture. It’s not that hard to work with, but you have a lot of scope to make good and bad sounds within the synths as their parameters permit a lot of experimentation but you are also limited in their ultimate digital simplicity.

Personally I really like this. A great tune and soundscape on the MNM takes skill, imagination and work. And it will probably sound delightfully monomachiney as an end result. Nicholas Lem’s works I am a great fan of as he epitomises for me that cold but moody sound. It has a certain signature.
My time spent on the MNM is a lot longer than it takes with other machines, but as a result I always think I’ve come up with something more valuable.

DN on the other hand, despite recent firmware upgrade allowing ratio variation, is a box full of sweet spots with lovely effects and GUI. Like the A4, about 10minutes use and you’ll have a few nice tracks working away with great sound. Downside is it might or might not be that cool a creation as you can hit sweet spots so quickly.

Apart from the above very personal take, obviously the MNM has its short and long comings vs DN, one of the latter being routing and hardware interface options. MNM loves external effects, DN I don’t think really needs them as it has that modern lush set from elektron and nice sound sculpting filter options.

An experienced user of either machine would probably be a little disappointed if they switched to the other!


Personally id opt for the MNM just on looks alone.

Id love to see a return to those types of asthetics for elektron.

I don’t regret cutting wrists faceplates :rofl:

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Hm, did i get that right? You mean, sounds are only good and valueable and worth when you need to struggle and Work hard for their creation? Therefore other other Elektrons are Not as good as the Monom?
I don’t agree with this, If it is that what you meant. To me the Mnm was simply not as refined and musically tuned as other Instruments. Given the fact, that it was their third machine ever, vs a Dave Smith or a Bob Moog, i wont hold it against them, but I believe If Elektron would recreate it tiday in 2020, it would be much better sounding. Theres nothing wrong in having many sweetspots in an Instrument. But thats just me.

To be fair, I don’t think @mokomo meant it like that. Only that there are so many possibilities with MnM (and many chances to make horrible sounds too) that it ‘feels’ more rewarding when you create a thing of beauty :slight_smile: