Why my octatrack not connected with MIDI keyboard?

Hi. This is my first question here.
Sometimes my English is not correct so tell me if I say wrong.

m audio ozone (25 keys) attached to octa dps-1 with midi out midi in.
Speakers are connected to octatrack.
Currently in midi to control, audio cc in is checked, out is INT, audio note in is standard
Out is INT.
Sync is send and send
Channel is auto ch 1.

I went back and pressed playback twice to set channel 1.
But there is no sound at all.
Is there a problem with the Midi?
Or is there a problem with the octatrack?
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you.

You’ll probably want to use either FOLLOW TM or MAP/TRACK modes on the OT, and you’ll want to check the appendix in the OT manual so you’re sending in notes in the correct octave range.

In standard mode C5 to C7 will play back a track’s sample chromatically.

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Welcome @Soi.
What do you want to achieve ?
Play audio tracks chromatically, eventually control their parameters ?

As @GurtTractor mentioned, read carefully Appendix C and related chapters. With midi notes you can do several things, even start/stop the sequencer, it can be very confusing…

I suppose you’d want FOLLOW TM with CHROMATIC trig mode (Func + Down Arrow, Grid recording off). This way other lidi notes fonctions are disabled.

Default audi tracks channels are 1-8, Auto Channel 11.

You can use Auto Channel to control any active track. Set it on your keyboard (11), or choose an audio track channel (1-8).

Sync page Channels corresponds to Program Changes send / receive.
Don’t choose Auto.

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I want to use midi to manipulate the notes in a track like a piano.
The keyboard responds, but the notes in each track sound instead of C5, D5, E5 like a piano…

When I am in Tracks I can hear sound.
When in Chromatic, the keyboard does not respond.
The 16 buttons on the Octatrack sound like a piano normally.

As you advised earlier, the auto channel is off and the control is set to follow TM.
I would like to get your next advice…

You need to use the notes range mentionned by @GurtTractor, C5-C7. You need to change octaves on your keyboard.

This is standard map.

You probably played notes C2-G#2 instead.

Oh yes exactly I’m playing C2-G#2
How can I change C5-C7?

My m audio key board has octave presets Down/Up
If I go 0, I can’t open sound in tracks
If I go d1 or d2 I can hear the sound

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I think I get it this problem!
Thank you so much!

I solve this problem but still I don’t know octa well.
Could you recommend me good video or explain about how to make beat?

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There’s a big list of videos and other information here -

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Put some samples in slots.
Select a sound, place trigs, done. :wink:

You can select specific samples on a trig holding it + turn Level to choose the sample slot (this is called sample lock).

I learned with OT and its manual, I can’t recommend a particular video.

Thank you so much! This month I am going to use octatrack often and try to be better. I guess I come here again when I have a problem… nice to meet you and thank you for your advise today!

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Thank you so much @GurtTractor!
I guess I come here again when I have a problem… nice to meet you and thank you for your advise today!