Why is my AR sample select screen laggy?


The title says it all, really. When I browse samples of a busy project, the screen and screen related commands start being laggy, so a couple of arrows down go to the selection a couple of seconds later, which often leads to errors. Is the AR at its limit? Mk2 in question


Hi, I had/have the same issue with extreme lagging of the screen and in addition triggers getting confused etc.

So the whole device started lagging extremely at some point.

I formatted my whole +drive (including projects & samples) and loaded everything back again. Don’t forget to save your Projects and SOUNDS separately, since last are not included in your projects and I forgot to do so and lost them :confused:

I also re-initialized the factory bank and made a factroy reset.

Support proposed all that, but they don’t seem to know the reason for sure. It might be connected to a file system error.

Anyhow, it did not occur that extreme since than, but I still experience a lot of missing buttons presses / pad hits, multiple triggers on one touch and so on while in sample load mode.

Not sure if all rytm MK2s have that but it is very annoying and I am also trying to sort this out.


I have experienced this on my MK1 too. If I remember right, it would happen when I was moving quickly in the Sound Pool menu or the +drive menu in projects that contained a lot of samples already. I figured it was something to do with the Ram. Haven’t seen it in awhile though.


Since I am experiencing far more lagging than just the screen, support told me it might be a faulty device.

" … it is still not registering many pad hits (triggers, mutes, track selects, etc.) just as before. On the other hand I also experience double or multiple triggers despite one hit." (In sample load mode that is.)

So if anyone has got similar issues, write them directly.


When I first got mine I loaded a huge amount of samples in the one folder on the drive and it and it made it a bit lagging so I deleted them.
I now have about the same amount of samples but they are broken up into many different categories and kits etc and not having any lag problems…

Are you using one large folder for samples?


I experienced a bit of lag only in a specific situation, when I replace samples.
To reproduce this, you need to load a sample from +drive to ram first, assign it to a track then open the global menu > samples > left arrow > view ram and select the sample previously loaded, then right arrow > replace. While in the folder where to replace the sample try to play pads in play or chromatic mode. This is the only situation where a bit of lag occur, even if I uploaded only one sample.


Mostly using default samples, with some extra stuff I recorded, so no large folders. I’ll check again, but I think my AR is always lagging when sample browsing


I have some (hopefully rare, according to support) extreme cases of lagging despite small samples divided in many logical libraries having not too many files etc.

As I said, it seems better now after formatting EVERYTHING and loading back everything again. So it could have been a filesystem issue on top of the regular lagging.

But it is still not registering many button presses while simply being in the sample browsing menu (coming from 2x SMPL then FUNC + YES).

Leone, If you wanna see, why stuff is disturbing me when I write about them here and I don’t complain for all little things, see this :wink:


No hell, such a thing is not normal at all. Sorry, where did you buy the armk2? And how much time has passed? I’m wondering why you haven’t had it replaced instead. It is clear that you have a faulty machine, change it rather than trying to understand why these things happens. None of this happens to mine except when I try to use the machine while a sample transfer is in progress with Transfer app, then it behaves like yours but for me it’s normal because the + drive is under load. Trust me, change it! I changed 2-3 before finding the one that satisfied me 100%. As a consumer you have the right to be satisfied with the product you purchased and not spend time on the forums instead of playing and enjoying it. It is a pain in the ass to wait weeks and send packages around Europe, but in the end it is better than that being in a bad mood.


I was under the impression that this was related to an OS bug. Have a rytm mk 1 and sample screen lag/freeze started for me only after I updated to most recent OS


Yeah, it is also my second device. But you are right, I should swap it, I have got too many issues with this one.

The problem is, support is trying to relativate most things down and you never know, if it is just your device or all. Anyhow lets go again then I guess :wink:


I believe that there are some problems with the +drive instead

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