Why is it always UNTITLED?


every time i name a project and load it it still says UNTITLED at the top of the screen even though i can see the name i made displayed in the Load Project screen.

what am i doing wrong?



That is the name of your pattern that is being displayed on the top of the screen


ahhh, i see. thank you


You can change it by pressing the […] button and choosing rename.


I relaize this is an old thread but is there a way to display the project name and or the bank name instead of the pattern name? Seeing untitled all the time drives me bananas and naming each pattern seems tedious at the moment.


as saving is quite a fast process, i started naming my patterns A01, A02, …

Not the solution you were looking for, i know, but helped me a lot in situations when playing live (to keep track of time when i know where i am) as i move through the patterns from first to last.