Why does press+turn osc tune shift in tritones instead of octaves now?


I noticed it a few firmwares back and sent a support ticket but no reply. Does anyone else find this change in tune control resolution to be very counterproductive? Tritones can be beautiful of course but they are much more demanding to work with musically. An octave shift is the standard for good reason.

Can I get an Amen?

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Didnt noticed it. You mean the Resolution of the tune Parameter did Change?

During press+turn, yes. It used to shift in octaves and now it shifts in tritones.

Don’t have an AK/A4 but on my DT and DN, Press+Turn also shift the tuning of the SRC in tritones as well. Seems like it was an active decision on Elektron’s part for all of their devices.

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I’m on the latest firmware (1.40A) on my a4mkii and press+turn oscillator coarse tune (knob A, to be 100% clear) steps in major thirds. (which can also sound unwieldy since it builds to augmented fifths, but it’s not a tritone)

FUNC+turn does octaves.

Don’t remember it being different in the past, but I don’t think I much ever used press/FUNC turns of the tuning knob anyway.

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Interesting, seems like tritones on my machine, as it hits an octave every two ticks (i think latest firmware). I didn’t count semitones or scrutinize the interval all that carefully as the split octave seemed obvious.

Function+turn pretty much solves it though! Thanks for the tip!!

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in general on the a4, it seems that press+turn = fast sweep, whereas FUNC+turn = “logical” snap.

e.g. FUNC turn on an LFO or ENV depth will snap min, 0, max. press turn will just scroll faster. (there was a point where they actually swapped this by accident, made it really hard to fine tune depths, because why would you try pressing the knob to sweep more slowly…)

so press+turn on tuning (for me) does 4x speed, 3 ticks per octave, major thirds. while FUNC is the “logical” octave snap.


You sure about that @Analogic?

Press + turn is accelerated value jumping. Rather certain this has always been the case.
You land where you land.

Func + turn is octaves, then and now.

@AdamJay only as far as memory serves. I never knew about function+turn until today. Loved playing with press+turn octaves from when I first got my AK. Still had to be a bit careful to keep the octaves pinned to the correct note. Found somewhere along the line of firmware updates that the results were no longer musical as a result of the increased resolution.

Just triple checked and it’s most definitely tritones on my AK.

Function-turn is a handy fix but I dislike that it takes an extra hand to perform. Would much prefer press+turn!

it doesn’t - it takes two hands so it’s a pita for parameter locking

it’s one of the changes i really disliked (to put it mildly)- it was beautiful before when it push-turned in octaves

sadly no more, i wish the function turn and push turn behaviours were reversed - push/turn on pitch was much better on the A4 mk1 in the early days - exactly like an octave dial on a classic synth

It was 100% like this btw - i rue the day it changed and i recall it vividly because it was well entrenched in my workflow prior to that

the other aspect of A4 tuning that has driven me bonkers is the way that semitone tweaking can (at extremes) mess up the fine tune - it’s a massive oversight and a huge pain if you use such octave gymnastics

both behaviours are massively unmusical and both are problems if you like playing the sound live


Yep, I can’t (under)stand this behavior.


Thanks @avantronica. Some of the earlier replies had me second guessing my experience. I, too, rue the day! Glad we’re shedding some light on it and really hope Elektron comes back around on this lost functionality.


Bebop has infiltrated! Flat 5s for everyone!


Pretty much!

Sorry about that.
I guess I always used function for octave jumping and got used to the behavior of push+turn on every other parameter (fast sweep), that I hadn’t realized this had changed on the OSC pitch parameter.


It’s all good, thanks for saying so! It sure wouldn’t have been the first assertion I’ve made in error on this forum!

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very confused then, I’m still getting 3 steps per octave. is it a mki vs mkii thing?

Perhaps? A4 vs keys? I do know knob behaviour was changed with mkii. Something to do with sensitivity, maybe push+turn resolution too? I don’t have experience with mkii. If that is the case it’s odd that DN/DT shift in tritones too, as one person mentioned above.

A4 MKI, 1.40A, OSC TUNE : 6 semitones increments with button press, and I remember it was 12.
TRIG page Notes : 8 semitones increments. :sketchy:

On DT and DN I have 4 increments for most of parameters.

DT 1.20, SRC TUNE, 4 semitones.
TRIG NOTES, 4 semitones.

DN 1.30, TRIG NOTES, 4 semitones