Why did the RYTM MKII just price drop then disappear from Aussie store and out of stock on the Elektron website?

Quick question. Do people pay this hyper inflated prices, or is it just a deterrent? Conspiracy.

I guess people considering it for the first time wouldn’t know it was ever any cheaper. But yeah, if there aren’t many left, it makes sense to try and get full price for them

I will be the devil’s advocate. If you want a new high-end-flagship-top-of-the-line-future-proof-high-tech devices from Elektron, you got to give them the ressources.

Moog Audio here in Canada has the AR and A4 discounted.




Here it is

This is why Gear4music did not have them in stock

Check the news…:wink:


stealth mode activated (or is it deactivated) :wink:

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So no new features👎

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I just want to salute all the posters here whose antennas said something was up. I don’t know if what has been observed was related to the New Look A4 and RYTM or not. Perhaps a few around this thread have a “Spidey Sense”.


but more often there’s a lot of smoke without fire :wink:



No threads for them yet??

Bit sad they won’t resemble obsolete Soviet hospital apparatus anymore. I’d come to love it

Price is up slightly it seems? Stealth costs.

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Well, now we know what’s been happening :sweat_smile:


I’m just glad it didn’t get new pads that would have made me upset lol. I like the black tho!! A little jealous. Guess mines vintage now. :slight_smile:

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I find the pads are better on my Rytm mk2 than my push 2.
What don’t you like about the Rytm mk2 pads?

WAY stiff!

I can barely hear what I’m playing. I just hear the table bangin’

(…heard. I sold my rytm. :frowning: )

Now Thomann’s Rytm price (€1625) is more than the Elektron factory price (€1589) :face_with_monocle:


I edited my post to say mk2, are you talking about mk2?
mine are soft and are sensitive easy to hit lightly, better than my push 2

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Ya I was talking about mk2. I had one.
I found them MUCH harder than MPC Live and Maschine.

I must be lucky or they improved them or something?
with the new record mode i can put in the exact velocity even 10-20 with light hits…
seems perfect to me.
yet my ableton push 2 is rubbish and hard to do any velocity changes at all
but i see some people say its good…

Interesting. €1469 @Dax / 1499 elsewhere

If prices stay in that range, I can’t see used prices dropping much for the timebeing. I don’t think many people will spend upwards of €300 to change colour

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