Why are used old Elektron MD still expensive?


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I wouldn’t exchange my MD with 10 Volcas for sure!


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Let’s try to stay on topic. :wink:


Haha,ok,i think it depends of what are you doing in every case,volcas sounds very good,a lot of stuff in a smaller case,very good construction and playability,but is something very limited if you want to make it sound diferent,that’s only my opinion,thank you for your reply!




I think used md are still expensive because it’s a product on the same way as 909 or 808,because it’s unique sound character and sequencer capabilityes,because is the first serious drum machine that makes complete and complex tracks,and because is beautyfull…and of course,sub-market speculations


Maybe get the new Model Sample sniggers


The real question isn’t why are old Elektron MD still expensive, because that comes down to the simple market mechanism of demand and supply.

The real question is why is the demand so huge? What is it that people like about the MD and cannot be provided by actual machines? Is it just hype like with the old Roland boxes? Satisfying good ol’ memories? Kind of prestige?

A simple look in the manual and watching a few videos provide enough answers (at least to me).



Also, the build quality is quite amazing. You really feel that it was not about making a product at a cost, but really just trying to make the best possible product.

And of course, new products will build interest in the older products.



can’t reiterate enough, if you can find an MD (whatever the version is) in pristine condition buy it asap. Here’s some eye-candy to gas you up of mine :slight_smile:

as mentioned above, they definitely pop up on the second hand market, but usually quite well used. There was a spike in really good condition ones just as they discontinued and announced the “final batch” of silver boxes. I imagine Elektron has sold many many machinedrums over it’s lifespan.


I had my pristine MDUWMKII+ for 600€.
I guess I was lucky, the previous owner bought it the same price and didn’t speculate.

I saw a lot of MD on sell after Digitakt release.


I prefer wonderful 10s before BY aesthetic (Dark Vador) :tongue:


Got one mk1 three years ago with three broken encoders for 250 euro in berlin… the seller was a dubstep producer who literally abused its machine but was enough honest to sell it at fair price…
Replacing encoders is not difficult at all with a medium soldering skill… Elektron sell the encoders for around 5euro per piece…
I could try to look for cheaper encoders but i wasn’t sure what the exact model and furthermore this machine is the core of my setup, i wouldn’t have made any fixing mistake!

Other than this i never had issues with the MD, using it nearly every day… so basically mine work since 11 years and never gave up!


Have mine since 7 years, an mk1 bought for 350euros, had only the big rotary skipping wheel. From day one when I got it I finally realised why it was so expensive back when it came out and was pissed off and dissapointed why I waited so long to buy one! My music would have been way better at that time if I had bought MD way earlier

-Best digital drummachine ever made! I believe MD started the whole minimal scene, love those little evolving perc things the MD can do.
-Very deep machine and can sound as cold and thin or warm, thick as you want when messing with compressor or some fx
-MD is great with eurorack or controlling other hardware!
-The box of MD is pure timeless art, you don’t see that anymore with Elektron!


This is exactly how I felt when I finally got one.


Im glad i keep changing my mind about selling mine. Its pretty rad and I always seem to find a way to churn something decent out of it. Now that I have a black face plate, it evens looks cooler. Most of the time its just a sample looper or a fancy midi master - but its still has a place in the center of my set up


agree…the more I hold on to mine the more I understand its potential.


Why is a 303 expensive? Stunned at orig question

Special box pulls special price.
Orig price was around $1500 i think it was. So…yer getting a deal honestly.

MD sounds like an MD. Rare in this age of duplication.


I recently sold my Machinedrum after getting a Digitakt. Still loved it, but I like to keep my setup compact. It’s a great instrument and it will stay that way but the limitations got to me - especially when it comes to the sequencer. MIDI sequencing is cumbersome, at least when you are improvising live, and individual track lenghts on the Digitakt is a fantastic feature for me.

In short, the Digitakt is just a better centerpiece for me - just the right balance between features and limitations that work in a live improvised set. Not that the MD stopped me from making a lot of music!