Why are used old Elektron MD still expensive?


Earlier I started pricing some Eurorack modules. Got a bit of a bonus recently and thought ‘maybe a time to get back into Euro…’

Just with a handful of Noise Engineering modules (that can do some great sound and drum voice work), things quickly got over $1000 USD. And that was without a new case, or IO helpers.

And as I looked at what I had sitting there in my cart, I thought, again, “pretty sure I can do all this and more across all the MD engines” and walked away.

MD is (comparatively) a bargain and part of why I walked away from Eurorack a few years ago now to begin with.


I think the MD pairs really well with the Volca Beats - MD for precision and Beats for the juicy/nasty analog goodness (especially the Beat’s kick and hats, but the snare sounds great too once you fix the ‘missing cap’ issue).


I hope A4 beats the Volca !?


hell yeah! Otherwise why would anyone pay $1400 for the A4 when the Volca costs $140? But in some ways the OT trumps both in terms of sampling and sequencing and the cool ability to create a LFO!


Not sure if I’d buy 10 Volcas…

MD too. 16 lfos max for 1 track.
OT 3 lfos per track, but you can add 24 midi lfos to it. :tongue:


I think that the MD will be worth much more in the future and valued as a collector’s item, similar to how certain older Roland machines are appreciated now. MD is exceptional for its concept, sound engine / features, studio flexibility, programming style and beautiful industrial design.



Haha, nooooo, where are all the labels and the wonderful 90s aesthetic??


I want one of these for my Machinedrum. Anyone selling :crazy_face:


Nice :slight_smile:


i have a well-kept MD UW MK1 with new Encoders for sale here on Elektronauts. i think 585 Euros (ca. 508 GBP / 724 USD) should be OK price or?


Price is very fair. Got rid of my mk1 uw in trade for digitakt. Now uw+ owner


Did you try Dick Malibu directly Rusty? Might be worth a shot.
Otherwise… I would consider swapping MDUW mk2 with black faceplate for a MDUW mk2 with plus drive. Just putting that out there haha.

As for the the topic question…
Surely its a troll post?


Is Elektron having some troll to make marketing and a kind of saturated communication on their forum ?
I think so.


I don’t know where you are…but in case…


Lol. That’s mine now ! :smile:
Add is still there. The guy bought it 2 years ago, but never bought an MD.


ah nope … I never get such a swinging modulating beat out of 1 MD voice as I can get out of 1 Basilimus Iteritas Alter when patching 3 - 4 lfos and a euclidean rythm into it … not mentioning sending the BIA to an LPG like the LXD for instant Villalobos or Luciano Bongos.


Audio examples?
My first MD recording, with swing and a few lfos on CTR AL :

Don’t want to go modular ! Endless quest. :smile:


Ops! @Rusty sorry for that…it seems that @sezare56 bought it already…:zipper_mouth_face:


To compare md with a volca is like to compare god with humans…nothing on common