Why are used old Elektron MD still expensive?


They will NEVER come down to that price. This is an instrument, not a frikkin mobile phone. It does the same job in 20 years, if you are gentle to it. Prices are more to rise, bc some will get faulty and die.


:joy::joy::joy: original 909 sold for about £350, now you’ll pay £3000+ for good condition one.
Original MD UW mk2 cost €1590
… Do the math :wink:


The prices could go up in the future… Or down… Or up then down then up again, etc…
Only time will tell…


If i could only keep one piece of gear (except a computer) for the next 10 years, it would be the MDUW+ :heart_eyes:


Because although based on digital technology, the MD is a musical instrument and as such does not depreciate. Except if there‘s a new model with essential features.

Thus, if you‘re looking for a lower priced :elmd: then search for MK1, without UW. Those fetch about half the price of an MD MK2 UW+.


Wow if prices are expected to go up in value then I may look into making an offer to buy my friend’s MD that he has been gracious enough to loan me!


In Germany MDs are getting more rare and more expensive recently. I think a lot of these machine habe been abused quite a bit (livegig, smoking, trippin environment) . If you are able to get one for a good price nowadays (good depends on what you are willing to pay) I suggest you should get one.
I think for a good uw + model I would have paid about 800-850 euro. Lucky me got one for below 650 on eBay :))


What I’ve found interesting is that the md and the mnm used market seems to ignore entirely the reduced price both synths had before being discontinued. A non uw mkii was 599 retail when the silver boxes were cleared out


But if I remember correctly it was only a very short time as a clear out. When rytm came out everyone expected a price drop of the MD but until the very last batch the MD was almost as expensive as the rytm


I still kick myself for not picking up an MD alongside the MM I grabbed during the clearout. :meh:


Absolutely! Me too. Times move on, and the MD covers enough ground to replace the classics easily. For me.


I love love the sounds of the MD! It blows away my Volca beats. The large size is really the only downside.


The Machinedrum has the potential to be a much more expensive instrument in the future.

  • It is the only Elektron machine with a unique sound that you can identify at once when you listen to a track. As much as I like the Analog Rytm, it lacks this “identity” that defines it as an instrument

  • The bass is iiiiincredible. I never came close to anything like that with other drummachines. A subtile kickdrum that also works on the edge of a very low dub bassline - just fantastic and still crystal clear with tons of low end at the same time


Couple of days ago I cranked up a track I’d done just on the MD and when the bass kicked in my windows rattled and my Model 15 shat its pants…


The whole timing of the sequencer is unique, too imo. Maybe it’s because of the sound but nothing bangs so much in your face timing wise. Even a stupid 4/4, no polyrhythms and such new shit :star_struck:

(I like polyrhythm etc but you know what I mean)


Apparently the jitter on the MD clock is not great…

This is a great website for anyone interested:



Interesting read. Love the web design as well :slight_smile:


6,37ms - good lord!!!



Maybe my brain jitters in MD uw offset. :slight_smile:


I would love someone to run a back to back test with the MD, Rytm, and MFB Tanzbar drum machines in head to head competition. I saw one for the Rytm MKII, Tanzbar and other machines and the Tanzbar to me sounded the best as well as the JoMax Alphabase system.