Why are used old Elektron MD still expensive?


Yes. This and you can track mute interdepently


Wow. That’s convincing


Truthseeker :slight_smile:


I was one of the first to buy an original Machinedrum when they first came out (back when it was only available from Elektron direct). Mine has been rock solid since I bought it, and it’s a monster machine.


Can post if necessary! :sunglasses:


Need uw mk2 preferred +drive but thx


Yeah definitely get the UW version. I went with the synth only version and while I love the machine to death my biggest studio regret is skipping the UW version.

I can totally understand why it is still a highly valued machine: this thing oozes techno. The sound engine plus the sequencer creates the perfect playground for experimenting with textures and rhythms. I have a MD, OT, AR, and a DN, and if I had to sell all of them but one I would keep the MD.


Don’t cry after the prices go to 4000$. :slight_smile:


perception frames reality


Actually owning an MD MK II and MKII UW+ for about three weeks now. Have barely touched anything else since. They are beasts to tame. just AWE.

Paid 600€ for the MKII, 780€ for the UW+

Totally worth it. I’ll stick with both in case one dies before I do.


Thats Sample based pure awesomeness. But Digidrum will be like MicroTonic/PO35 with more knobbiness.


Fair enough!


I have one up for sale in the b/s/t threads :smiley:


Digitakt or Drumbrute are pretty decent drum machines. Maybe go modular route with Mother32+DFAM and Octatrack? Lots of options!


And the MDUW has now gotten new life in my studio as an expander for my Roland TR-8S. You can reassign the midi out from the TR8S to match the pads on the MDUW so BD triggers on both at the tame time. So if you have a pattern that is blank on the MDUW it will play the exact pattern on the TR8S but you can thus program variations that you can instantly switch and mute or unmute. So cool.


OP ill trade you an MD anytime for your original tr 808 or 909 :kissing_heart:


Acidlab Drumatix is incredibly punchy. Perhaps the best 606 variant ever. So crisp. It’s unfortunate that the sequencer is rather basic.
Have you considered using Drumatix Samples in your MDUW?

I sequence these sounds with my OT MKII, with samples loaded on the OT and a Roland TM-2. It does the job, nicely. Previously used them inside Analog Rytm. They sounded good but I prefer them without the analog filter/vca sound.


It’s not going for that much. I’ve had mine up on CL for over a month and lowered the price down to $700…just siting there :wink:


Hopefully used ones come up for $200-300 in the future then I would buy one.


lol. Don’t hold your breath on that. If secondhand Machinedrums are going for $200 / $300… you’d be picking up other drum machines for a score.

Fuck, for $200/$300 I’d buy a couple just for more polyphony / sample space.