Why are subdivisions called "ratcheting" and when the hell did that happen?


I like the word ratcheting, it suits the process

Only really heard it in patterning 2 though


All joking aside it dates back to the late 70’s early 80’s, I don’t know who first coined the term but Tangerine Dream were certainly known for the technique. I first heard the term in the early/mid 90s, it is kind of a very obvious and well chosen descriptor because well it sounds like a ratchet.


every day a school day!

(this is what comes of listening to way more Trap than Tangerine Dream.)


All fun and righteousness aside, you should thank defenestration for mentioning it first. But please by all means do carry on catching up with the thread.


You’re all wrong except @defenestration



But I thought Tangerine Dream mentioned it first?


I was thinking about it a bit more and I think that the ‘ratcheting’ sequencing term started to get associated on forums with trap music and etc. because people would come onto places like Muffwiggler and ask how to get these types of complex subdivided rhythms from a modular, and the typical answer would be ratcheting sequences/sequencers/clocks etc, before all the fancy software brain sequencers for eurorack started coming out